29 May 2011

More than a manager...

Ok, so after some long thought about this blog I decided that it is going to cover more facets of my life and what interests me,  rather than just my career.

I guess what brought that on is that I've realized that I have to stop thinking about my career (or career success) as what defines me.  I, like many of you, am more than my career.  I am a sister, friend, daughter, granddaughter, cousin, world traveler, fashion lover, foodie, etc, etc.  But sometimes I fail to put those other roles first and realize that I need balance in my life.   It is really hard for me to put equal amounts of energy into every part of my life and sometimes the easy way is to focus on my career because I am good at what I do and there is immediate daily satisfaction in that.  Basically I'm addicted to achievement and working at relationships enough to "achieve" something is much harder than when I'm at work.

Hmmm...maybe this is one reason why I'm still single?!?!  Notice how girlfriend or wife is not on my list of roles (and hasn't been for a while either!).

Anyway, more posts to come about what's on my mind! Looking forward to sharing with you and having some great conversations.

Miss M

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