11 August 2011

Just an Ordinary...Duchess?

It was bound to happen soon, but the first Duchess of Cambridge criticizers have come out of the closet.  And though they don't come out swinging at Kate Middleton's style, they definitely have some strong feelings about how she presents herself.

Designer Vivienne Westwood made some remarks recently about how Kate is not an ordinary woman, so she doesn't understand why she would dress as such.  As a follower of Kate's fashion choices, it is an interesting thought to ponder.   Should Kate stay "high street" instead of "haute couture"?

Like any woman, her style will likely develop over the years and yes, her tastes might get more expensive as she realizes she is now living a life of privilege.  I can see this happening, but I also hope she can continue on to be a "people's princess" like her husband's mother was most famously known as.  Both Kate and William seem pretty grounded now, so let's hope things stay that way.

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