20 October 2011

Is Black the New "White" for Weddings?

Vera Wang recently unveiled her Fall 2012 bridal collection.  Now, she is the master, the MASTER, of all things bridal so naturally the dresses were utterly gorgeous.  No surprise there.  What was surprising is  that the dresses she presented were black and nude.  And these weren't dresses for bridesmaids...they were dresses for brides!  In fact, not one of the dresses she showed were white.

I'm not a traditionalist when it comes to fashion but the thought of a bride wearing a black dress on her wedding day just doesn't seem right.  I love black (and probably too much of it is in my wardrobe), but it is a colour that is associated with sombre events like funerals.  And stranger still is that Vera Wang said her collection was inspired by "witchcraft".   That doesn't really make me want to run out and buy one of the dresses from this collection!   Even if one of my style icons, Sarah Jessica Parker, wore black on her wedding day, it is just not for me.

That being said, the dresses are ethereal, feminine and stunning.  I would love to wear one, just not on my wedding day.  But who knows?  Maybe next summer we will see brides decked out in black dresses.  But, they stand warned.  SJP eventually admitted the one regret she had was wearing black at her wedding.

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