30 October 2011

Sexiest Shoes of 2011

Saks Fifth Avenue and Footwear News (yes, that's right, there is a publication dedicate just to news about footwear) conducted their annual poll to decide the year's sexiest shoes.

Which one do you think won?

Chrissie Morris suede & stingray (!) peep toe
Jimmy Choo's Swarvoski detailed sandal

P-to-the-rada over the knee leather boot

Lacy peep toe pump from Valentino.

The winner was (drumroll)....

The Valentino peep-toe?  For reals?  I mean it's a pretty shoe and all, but when I think sexy shoes, I think strappy, shows some skin, in a bold colour or sky high.  I don't think champagne and black lace with a little bit of toe sticking out.  Or maybe I'm just confusing a sexy shoe with an f@$%k me shoe??

Anyway, here are some shoes that should have won the contest.  Or at least been a runner up!

Fuschia Jimmy Choo pump 
Strappy Herve Leger sandal

More J Choo, this time a purple bootie.  Hot!

Sexy crystal cage bootie from Sergio Rossi.

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