7 December 2011

Indian Influence: Chanel

Last night Chanel put on a real show at their Indian inspired Pre-fall 2012 presentation.  You might not know this, but I am Indian, though most Indian people I know think I'm not into my culture enough.  I don't really speak my native language, I eat the food intermittently and I never watch Indian programs or movies.

The most Indian thing about me is that I love getting dressed up in the vibrant colours, rich fabrics and fabulous accessories that traditional Indian style is centred around.  I don't normally wear  bright colours or heavy jewelry, so it is fun to get "decked out" a few times a year for a wedding or other celebration.  The choices are diverse and numerous.  Below is a photo of one of my all time favourite Indian outfits: a cream coloured chiffon sari with fuschia threadwork, mirror detailing and scalloped edges.

Me in one of my favourite Indian outfits.

I was proud to see a brand like Chanel be influenced by Indian culture enough to create a whole runway show inspired by India.  You can go to  You Tube to see the Paris-Bombay Metier d’Art collection in full, as well as below for some of the designs up close.

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