19 December 2011

Random Fashion Notes

Why does being a "diva" get translated into being tacky more often than not?  I love when people go over the top in one element of their outfit, but Jennifer Hudson took the cake for OTT in every aspect last night at the VH1 Divas Live show.

What, I repeat, WHAT, was she thinking?  My guesses at her inspiration, from left to right:  JLo,  Vegas showgirls, broken Christmas ornaments, Ice-capades.

The tragic story of Roy Halston Frowick, creator of Halston.  Read the full story at NY Mag's the Cut blog.  Will have to look out for the documentary on his life coming out soon.  Sounds like he had a fascinating life.

Kate Middleton sporting Alexander McQueen again yesterday at a ball honouring the Armed Forces in Britain.  Black velvet - very holiday appropriate, but again safe.  Can't wait until she has her rebelious Princess phase a la Fergie and Princess Di.  Maybe she'll cut her hair, show some cleavage and stop wearing pantyhose.  And soon hopefully, cause I'm getting bored with her fashion choices!

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