27 December 2011

Winter Wonderland

In a few days, I'm uber excited to be heading here to ring in the New Year:

Beautiful Whistler, BC

Now that the hotel is booked, travel arrangments are made and dinner reservations confirmed, it's time to decide what the heck to pack.  I am from Vancouver, but if you weren't aware, we aren't known for "real" winter weather.  In fact, we are called the "wet coast" because of the massive amounts of rain we get, not for the massive amounts of snow.  Given that, there is no necessity to really have a lot of winter clothing, so now I'm wondering what to wear.

My inspiration so far?  Lots of fabulous boots, grey tones, icy blues and a bit of brown too.

I've also just recently purchased these adorable hiking inspired booties in black.  I won't be hiking in them, but I will be looking fabulous in them!

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