3 March 2012

Pill Poppin'

I don't know if this is meant to be ironic, cute or both, but Katy Perry was spotted with a very interesting Christian Louboutin purse yesterday at a fashion show in Paris:

Yes, you saw that correctly:  it's a purse in the shape of an oversized pill.    The idea is kind of cute (playing on fashion as an "addiction") but it also is kind of strange seeing this on a pop star when there are so many pop stars known for being addicts of some sort whether it's booze, drugs, or sex.  I haven't heard of Katy Perry being addicted to anything, but she is a huge pop star.  Just sayin'

In any case, pairing the pill shaped purse with blue hair, a blue trench and black & blue sheath from Victor & Rolf is actually a pretty fierce look.  I think Katy's style game just stepped up a couple notches from cupcake themed bras, no??

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