7 March 2012

Welcome to the Good Life?

It's no joke that Kanye West takes fashion seriously.  A couple of months after his first presentation at Paris Fashion Week for Spring 2012 and a lonnnnng Twitter rant about his passion for designing clothes and his new company DONDA, Kanye went for round two at PFW with a fall collection.

Diddy was there, so was Kim Kardashian, but it didn't matter.  Kanye cancelled his post show interviews, sensing that the reviews would be bad.  And bad they were.  One editor called his show "Rap with a capital C" (clever!); others politely noted that it wasn't as bad as his last show.  Not exactly glowing reviews and you can't exactly blame them:

Ill fitting pants, droopy tops and what is with that bag?  Another set back for sure, but Kanye's like a cockroach...stomp him a few times & he's still alive.  Remember this is a man that recorded a song while his jaw was wired shut. He's not going anywhere!

On the positive for him, his first pair of women's heels went on sale recently, and someone actually wore them:

Kim Kardashian in pearl encrusted heels designed by Kanye West.

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