28 April 2012

Choosing Sides

What do you think?  Left eye or right eye?
Remember the story of how Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes got her nickname?  The story goes that one of her boyfriends said the he thought her left eye was more beautiful than her right eye, thus her nickname was born (side note, has it really been 10 years since she passed away?).  This came to my mind when reading an article about how scientists have discovered that your left side is more appealing to others than your right side.  This is for a few reasons, including that your left side displays more intensity of emotion which the viewer finds aesthetically pleasing.

Their research, I'm sure was thorough, but it got me questioning whether this is true or not.  So, that meant spending some intense and purposeful mirror time to test their theory.  Is my left side really nicer than my right side?  Well, in fact, I did notice that I've subconciously parted my hair to display the left side of my face better.  Not sure when I made this choice, but it's been that way for a long time, which perhaps means my left side was more aesthetically pleasing to me the viewer in the mirror.  I found in several photographs as well where I tended to turn my face to the left...maybe to display my better side to the camera?  But, on the other hand, all my Lady in Charge profile pictures are of my lavender-shadowed right eyelid.

So what have I concluded in this brief, non-scientific study of my face?  Nothing except that I have spent wayyyy to much time in the mirror today!

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