6 April 2012


We live in a world where beauty is like currency:  the more you have, the more people admire you, give you the benefit of the doubt and bestow on you opportunities.  Sad, but it's true and most intelligent adults already know this.   That's why I feel it's so bizzare that a reporter from the UK named Samantha Brick felt compelled to write about the woes of being pretty.  You can read her full article here, but essentially she has felt being too pretty has a downside:  women don't want to befriend her, have her as a bridesmaid or give her promotions.

My initial reaction to this was (in the words of Rod Tidwell from Jerry Maguire): "boo, fucking hoo!"  Woman, if you are gorgeous or think you are, own it, live it and get over any downsides to it.  We are all dealt a certain hand and life is about appreciating the good things you have, instead of bitching about them or blaming others for your problems.  Perhaps the fact that she doesn't get on well with other women has more to do with her personality than her looks?  I would put money on that!  

Bottom line is this lady is just an opportunist.  She's making money off furthering the myth that women are naturally jealous and catty towards each other.  And there is nothing less pretty than someone who is manipulative and creates drama.

Ladies, it's a tough world out there.  Us chicks need to stick together! 

Chicks, let's stick together!

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