10 July 2012

$7 Dollars, Y'all

A little update on my recent post about finding motivation to work out.  Since last week I've raised a whopping (drum roll please) $7 towards my iPad!  I worked out 3 times last week, but deducted myself a dollar for eating a piece of cake at my friends' place after we went for a walk.  This week, I have been to yoga once and about to do a mini workout in front of the tv, plus yoga planned for later this week.  

The iPad fund may not be overflowing, but the real benefit I'm seeing after more exercise is in my energy level.  To put it plainly, I have so much more freaking energy!  It is pretty amazing how a little exercise can change that.  I'm excited to continue with my "plan" but I will admit that I do have to push myself to get off my (well-padded) arse from time to time.  This cartoon about sums it up for me:

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