11 July 2012

Great Kate

I've been a huge admirer of Kate Walsh since she showed up on Grey's Anatomy as the scorned Mrs. Dr. McDreamy in that epic first scene of her's on the show:

There was something about the way she says "So you're the woman who's been screwing my husband." (take note - it was not a question, but a statement!) that made me think, this is not a person I want to mess with, and also this is an actress that is pretty fearless to take on the role of the "villian" in such a popular, ground breaking show.  

I've kind of followed Kate's career, from Grey's Anatomy to Private Practice, but more so followed her on the style front.  She is drop dead gorgeous with flaming red hair, a great smile and mile long legs, but also looks like the type of woman that you could actually have a real conversation with and perhaps be friends.  She's lived a pretty full life and doesn't have regrets, which makes her all the more interesting and relatable.  I admire her sense of style - she chooses figure flattering outfits, but makes sure that people see her great energy through anything she puts on.  Oh, and her ads for her "Boyfriend" and "Billionaire Boyfriend" are pretty damn hot too!

Kate Walsh in a chic casual look.
Love the navy, cream and red together. 
In a gorgeous Christian Cota mini, promoting her new Billionare Boyfriend fragrance.

Sexy and sleek in a fitted Herve Leger mini.

I adore the lace top with this red skirt.  She looks both put together and girly.

Kate Walsh's first fragrance "Boyfriend".

Super sexy for her second fragrance "Billionaire Boyfriend"

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