1 July 2012

Making Waves

Something strange is happening to my hair.  After growing it out for the last year (it's nearly at the bottom of my shoulder blades!), I was almost certain I would have trouble keeping it full of body by now.  In fact, the opposite has occured:  I have more body in my hair and stranger still, I actually have some waves going on.  Now I'm totally lost when it comes to taking care of of my hair.  I used to have stick straight fine hair that couldn't hold a curl to save my life without massive amounts of hairspray (we are talking nearly a whole can).  How does one treat medium length, fine, colour treated wavy hair?  Especially when you are notoriously lazy about styling your hair yet totally a perfectionist who can't stand a hair out of place like I am.

Since there are an overwhelming amount of products and sources for research out there, I've decided to work backwards by looking for inspiration then trying to emulate them myself.  So fair, I am really digging Minka Kelly's hair - she has the relaxed yet put together wavy hair that I am hoping to re-create for myself.

Ignoring the fact that she is freakin' stunning,
I think I can make my hair look like Minka Kelly with a few simple steps.

I kind of like this new challenge and truthfully being part of the wavy hair club.  My sister, little niece and lots of my friends have wavy hair, so I'm in good company!

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