14 July 2012

The Woman Who Lived in Her Shoes

Looking good is always a work in progress.  Whether it's tweaking your exercise/diet, updating the wardrobe, getting a new hair colour, etc., there are so many ways that we work on trying to look our best.  Or at least I do, but maybe that's the perfectionist side of me!  Anyway, no matter skinny or chubby I feel, how tired or cranky I am, once I put on a great pair of shoes, my spirits are instantly lifted.  I am a true lover of shoes and I don't think that is going to change anytime soon!  I even have a Pinterest board called Shoe Porn dedicated to my lust for amazing shoes.

My shoe closet circa August 2011.  It's got a bit bigger since then!

One of the shoe designers whose shoes I lust after is Nicholas Kirkwood.  He is truly an artist - his designs are sculptural, colourful, embellished and beautiful.  I love the unique way his shoes have a platform in the front as well as the lace up details, arched straps and squared off heels.  I hope to one day get my hot little hands on a pair of his heels.  I am not an art aficionado, but I would consider his shoes to be the closest to art as shoes can get.


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