25 August 2012

Fashion = Fun

I know I just stated the obvious with that title but waking up earlier for my new job this week and trying to get myself looking put together has been a chore.  I went to my tried and true uniform as a fallback and while it saved me the energy from trying to be creative and put on something cute, it got pretty boring pretty quickly.  Yesterday I finally realized:  I'm bored of this uniform!  I need to get away from cardigans over tops with dress pants and do something different with my work wardrobe!  Bonus: my new department is more relaxed and I'm no longer managing anyone, hence I don't need to be as "professional" as before (though of course there are boundaries to this!).

After this realization, I knew I needed to perk up my wardrobe with a few fun but functional items. so last night I headed to the mall with a friend of mine, and made some purchases.  I didn't spend a lot but it was enough to reinvigorate me and help me get back to the root of it all, which is:  fashion is fun!  So don't take it too seriously and play with it a little!

Royal blue leopard print jeans...can I pull these off?  Yes!
From Material Girl and they are only $30!

More leopard print? You bet!
From Old Navy.

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