14 April 2011

First Post!!!

Hello!  Thank you for visiting my blog.  The purpose behind creating "Lady in Charge" is to give a voice to my experience - the young (female) supervisor, manager or director.

I don't meet a lot of people in my same position (25 to 34, female and in management a few years out of university) who face to face don't size you up as competition.   In that sense, there really is no "community" that I feel I can reach out to at times, and as any manager knows, it can be lonely being a leader.

My aim is to create a space where I can share what I've experienced (good and bad) and hopefully give others a chance to share their stories too!  I will also be sharing books, articles and tools that I think are relevant to being a leader.

I've recently started working at a new company, in a leadership role.  I left a great company, a great boss, a great team and great co-workers on top of this...some say I'm a little crazy but I wanted more opportunity to grow my career and unfortunately that meant leaving my last employer.

I consider myself a pretty strong and stubborn person, but I am definitely out of my comfort zone trying to navigate through new systems, new office politics and a new boss!

But...go big or go home right?  One of my favourite sayings, and it rings so true in my current situation.

Anyway, look forward to more posts soon!  I promise they will be intriguing, relevant and also fun!  If you want to learn a bit more about me, click on my bio (above).

talk soon,

Miss M