27 November 2011

Jane Birkin's "Birkin" Bag

Remember a while back I was going on and on about the iconic Birkin bag from Hermes?  Well, after reading Glamour magazine's December issue, I've learned a little more about the bag's namesake, Jane Birkin, as well as how she carries the bag.

The story of how the bag is named after her is pretty interesting, but what is more shocking is how she treats her own Birkin bag.  To sum it up, she treats her Birkin kind of like how a 7th grader treats their backpack:

Horror!  You cannot even tell it is a Birkin!

I guess this is what happens when you are rich and famous and designers name great bags after you.  You treat $10,000 bags indispensably.  All I know is that if I ever got my hot little hands on a Birkin, I'd guard that thing with my life and keep it under lock and key!

26 November 2011

Chanel "Boy" Bag

When I think of Chanel, I normally think of the iconic quilted chain strap bag that has always been on my fashion wish list:

Gorgeous purple croc Chanel bag from Pre-Fall 2011 (via Purseblog)

But now, I think my list is going to get a little longer with the introduction of the Boy Chanel Bag.  Inspired by Coco Chanel's tomboy side, these bags still have the chain strap detail but a preppier feel with a squared off more subtle design:

Chanel Boy bag collection (via Purseblog)

Aren't they fabulous?  Totally on my wish list...now I just need to win the lottery!

Glymm Beauty Box!

Have you all heard of the beauty box trend?  In a nutshell, for a small fee a month, you get a box of fun beauty samples delivered right to your door to try out.  I just ordered my first Glymm Beauty Box today and I am so so excited!  I will be sure to share the contents of my first box with you all as soon as I get it!  An example of what one might look like is below.

24 November 2011

Countdown to: Cyber Monday!

Forget Black Friday...according to the New York Times, Cyber Monday is a better option for scoring the best deals this holiday season.  Personally, I love online shopping for its convenience, and even more so because sometimes I can't stand being in a crowd.  If I were to hit up a Black Friday sale, it would have to be for a really good deal on something I have been lusting after for a while, because the thought of dragging myself to a sale that hundreds of people would also go to is just stressful.

What about you?  Are you skipping Black Friday and going straight for the deals on Cyber Monday?  If you are, here are some of my favourite sites for shopping:

  • Ebates - if you haven't signed up for Ebates yet, you need to right this moment.  First of all it is free, second of all you get access to some pretty sweet promotional codes for extra discounts and last you get cash back - I repeat:  CASH BACK - for any purchase from a website you jump to from their website.  So on top of the great Cyber Monday deals, you'll be getting some extra cash in your pocket around Christmas time in the form of a cheque from Ebates.  Join now!

  • The Gap and Banana Republic- always are a go to for staple items for work and play.  When you sign up for Ebates , be sure to jump to either of these sites from there to get that cash back.

  • Nordstrom is a must for designer looks, as is Revolve Clothing for designer jeans.  Bonus:  Revolve has free shipping to Canada.

What am I lusting after this Cyber Monday??  New boots!  Finding a pair of flat fall boots to wear with jeans and tights and a pair of high heel boots for work is my mission.

Frye Veronica slouch boots

Cole Haan boots with lace up detail

Wishing you a Cyber Monday full of great deals!

22 November 2011

Holiday Style

I love Christmas and I am lucky it is generally a stress-less time of year for me.  We don't do a gift exchange in my family, so there are no mall shopping meltdowns or parking spot battles to endure.  We also don't make it a habit to prepare an elaborate dinner that involves anything more than a great turkey, yummy side dishes and lots of people popping in when they can.  Because of this, I do get to enjoy what I love most about the season - decorating the house, baking cookies, and spending time with family & friends..with lots of wine of course!

I know I am probably the exception...for a lot of people, the holidays are a source of stress and deciding what to wear to an office party, cocktail night at a friend's house or even (especially) Christmas dinner with the family can add to that stress.  So, in light of that, I thought I'd share some of my  holiday style "rules" with everyone!

Miss M's Holiday Style Secrets:

1.  Sparkle and shine at the holidays are always a good thing...but in moderation.  Pick ONE sparkly item of clothing or jewelry instead of multiple items that will make you look like a Christmas tree.  For example, a sparkly miniskirt with a white blouse.

Heidi Klum wearing just the right amount of holiday "sparkle"

Fun sequin detail dress from Mango

2.  Lace and velvet are classics for winter and perfect for the holiday season.  A lace blouse is both romantic yet modern and a velvet blazer is easy to throw over your normal work outfit for a mid-week gift exchange.

Red velvet blazer and slim cut black pants from Elie Tahari

Green lace blouse and sparkly tweed skirt from Red Valentino

3.  Wear "holiday" colours like red in a classic shape dress to avoid looking gaudy.  Think fitted with a great belt in either sleeveless or 3 quarter length sleeves.  If you don't like red, then think winter wonderland with something white.

Fitted and belted Red dress from Oasis

Evan Rachel Wood looking chic in winter white with a black bustier

4.  Above all: wear what you are comfortable in that flatters your body and enjoy the season!  

13 November 2011

Gaga and McQueen

I have to share this picture of Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueen at an awards show in Germany.  The bodice of the dress and the headpiece are unbelievably ornate and the skirt looks like it is tufts of chiffon sewn together to look like petals of a flower.  Amazing.

11 November 2011

How to Style a Scarf

No matter what season it is, no matter if your outfit is casual or dressy,  it seems like scarves are an indispensable, inexpensive way to accesorize.  Especially in cooler weather, I can't live without a soft, colourful scarf.  I normally like to wear a scarf one of two ways:

Create a loop, and pull the ends through.
Loop around the neck with both sides hanging evenly.

Courtesy of WhoWhatWear check out some more fun ways to sport a scarf.

My favourite look is The City.  It would work with a lightweight scarf so that it drapes properly across the front.

9 November 2011

Countdown to...Mad Men Season 5

Ladies and gentlemen, season 5 of Mad Men premieres in less than 6 months!  If you're like me, you are counting down the moments until we can see what happens to Don, Peggy, Betty and the rest of the cast in Season 5.

If you're really like me, you can't wait to swoon over that sexy mofo Don Draper:

Sigh!  He is dreamy, isn't he??

Can't wait!  Before, I sign off, if you haven't already seen it, check out the "Don Draper Says What?" montage.  Makes me giggle every time I see it.

Don Draper Says "What?"

Tech Accessories by Rebecca Minkoff

I am a big fan of Rebecca Minkoff's designs.  In fact, one of my first purchases for Spring 2011 was one of her Morning After Bags:

Isn't my baby cute??

She's also ventured outside accessories and presented a well received Spring 2012 collection.  Now she's back to her first love and revealed some pretty neat "Tech Accesories" including an iPad "envelope"and cheetah print iPhone skin on sale for a limited time at Ebay

Pretty cute huh?  Get them while you can...sale runs out in less than 23 days.

6 November 2011

Growing Up to Grown Up

I recently had a pedicure and lunch with a good friend of mine.  We've been friends for years and years, through boyfriend issues, falling out of other friendships, career changes, and basicially everything that life can throw at two thirtysomething girls in a ten year period.  It was probably one of the most fun Sundays I have had in a while - what's more fun than treating yourself with a pedi and catching up with a good friend?

As we were catching up we started talking about another friend who had married a few years back and recently had a baby.  I haven't seen her in about 5 years, however she still keeps in touch with my friend.  I learned that even after having a child, she hadn't changed much.  She lives with her in laws (rent free it seems), she is on mat leave yet leaves her kid with her mother in law all the time, her husband doesn't work because he's claiming he has a genetic foot issue (?), and the two of them had just come back from their 2nd vacation in the last 6 months.  Basically, she isn't any more of an adult than when I saw her last which, when you think about it, is kind of sad.  When did growing up and talking responsibility for your life and your choices go by the wayside for my (our) generation?

I suppose it isn't up for me to judge, but perhaps it is all in how you are raised.  For me, growing up was really tough and I couldn't get to adulthood fast enough.  But for others, childhood was being doted on or protected by a parent or parents and to transition to the adult world of being completely responsibile for yourself and your choices from that perspective is really hard.  Maybe for some, it is just never one of those things that you get used to and as long as you are lucky enough to have parents or in laws who support you, both emotionally and financially, you don't ever really need to grow up in some ways.

In any case, I'm just glad that I've been responsible for my choices and made the mistakes I needed to make to get to where I am now.  I don't 100% feel like a woman...that is such big word for me that carries so much meaning.  But, in the same sense, I'm not a girl anymore.  I've got my shit together enough to know that there is no going back to being a kid, and for me, that's a great thing.

Also, if the little girl from the Cosby Show that I used to watch when I was a kid is an adult now, it's about time I grew up too...

Remeber cute little Olivia from the Cosby Show?  Yeah, she's  26 now...

Wanted: MEN

I came across an article yesterday about a new product in the UK called "Eylure Natural Lashes for Men".  Of course I read on and found that yes, there are now fake eyelashes for MEN!  I repeat:  FAKE EYELASHES FOR MEN?!?!

What the what?

Now, I know there are men out there that rock eyeliner (hello, Russell Brand and Pete Wentz), but fake eyelashes is going too far.  Dont get me wrong.  I am all for a man taking care of himself.  Nothing is more of a turnoff then a guy with dry skin, bad hair or long fingernails.  But ladies, there must be a limit to this insanity.  When did men stop being men and start being women?

Ladies, if you don't agree with me yet, let me paint a picture for you:  You're on a date with your new guy.   He's cute, smart, funny and sweet. You strangely admire his adorable eyelashes.  It's a great date, things are going well.  You decide to go back to his place for a nightcap, hoping it will lead to something more.  You're about to...ahem...go the distance, then all of a sudden, in the heat of the moment, one of his fake eyelashes peels off.  Date over!!!

Yeah,  now you get it.  All I have to say is:

3 November 2011

Holding on to Long Hair

Fergie sings "big girls don't cry" her aptly titled song called "Big Girls Don't Cry"... brilliant musician she is that one!  Big girls also come to a time when they realize they can't sport long, flowing locks forever, and Fergie's decision to cut her outgrown, overprocessed hair was spot on.

Now, I love long hair.  In fact, I am growing my hair out now and only let my hairstylist cut one little inch every time I see her because I'm obsessed with having long, pretty hair.  In my mind, I equate keeping my hair long with keeping my youth, but that can backfire if hair gets dry and brittle at the ends instead of shiny and bouncy like from a Pantene commercial.

So far I've been pretty lucky that my hair still has that bounce and shine, but I think that will only last for so long.  Sometimes the best decision is to chop a few inches off to get back that youthful, healthy look which is definitely the case with Fergie.

Fergie before haircut:

Bad roots, dried out ends.  Not cute or youthful looking at all.
Fergie after haircut:

Sleek, sexy and healthy!  She still looks like her fun, youthful self but with more enviable hair.

2 November 2011

"Recycling" Your Closet

I adore this printed Whistles dress that Pippa Middleton "recycled" from her summer wardrobe (picture on the right) to make stylish for fall.  It is amazing how some updated accessories (tights, boots) and a sweater in the right colour can transform an outfit for fall.  One of my favourite things is to add tights and a blazer to a summer dress and make it work for fall or winter, or vice versa.  I'm always on the lookout for versatile pieces that you can transition to other seasons.

Here is how you can take a simple summer dress and make it work for your fall wardrobe:

This Dorothy Perkins dress is super adorable on it's own and at first glance it looks like it would only work for summer.    But throw on a blazer, tights and some funky ankle high boots and you have a fall/winter outfit.

Tada!  Cute outfit for fall!