30 May 2012

On My "List" - Adam Levine

Adam Levine is one of those men in the music industry where pretty much any woman would look at and say  "On my list.  Yup!" without even thinking twice about it.  And when I say "list" I mean that secret list we all have of the celebrities we would, um...you-know-what with.  You know what I mean!  Ok, ok, let me make it more clear:  Adam Levine = yeah, I'd hit that!

Lucky for me (and you if he's on your "list" too), he's a known ladies man, or "man whore" as I like to call it.   But you guys, he has a good reason for it!  Adam, you see, is promiscious because he adores women just that much that he can't not help but love their bodies (for one night then kick 'em to the curb).  

In his recent interview with Details, he plays the groupies right into his hands for at least the next 2 to 5 years with this quote:
"There's two kinds of men," Levine posits. "There are men who are fucking misogynist pigs, and then there are men who just really love women, who think they're the most amazing people in the world. And that's me. Maybe the reason I was promiscuous, and wanted to sleep with a lot of them, is that I love them so much."

Seriously?  COME ON!  Any woman worth it would not believe that for a second.  But you know he's just the type of guy that could get away with and benefit from making that type of statement.  I mean, look at him...!  Man whore or not, he's staying on the list!

Adam Levine of Maroon 5.
Not that anyone is thinking about his music when they look at this picture!

28 May 2012

MAC Hey Sailor! Touch of Red

Y'all know how much I love stripes and the China Glaze polish called Hey Sailor!, and for a brief moment I thought MAC had combined these two loves of mine in their own polish called Hey Sailor! Touch of Red.  It must have been my tired eyes and/or overactive imagination, but red and blue stripes sadly do not come straight out of this bottle of polish.

Can you see why I may have thought this was actually striped nail polish?
No, I cant either...

I do think upon further research that the Hey Sailor! Collection is adorable and can see myself purchasing some of the products.  Maybe one day MAC will figure out a way for striped or patterned nail polish to come straight out of a bottle.  After all, they've figured out how to make magnets create designs in nail polish, so it can't be that far off.

27 May 2012

Baby Weight Drama (for your Mama)

Aishwarya Rai is Miss World 1994, the "most beautiful woman in the world" according to Julia Roberts, and a top Bollywood actress who married into Indian film royalty.  She also just had a baby about 6 months ago and apparently it's a crime of some sort to not drop the weight she gained while being pregnant in the usual unattainable timeline that most celebrity moms do.  She's been villified by many in her home country of India, which is thoroughly embarrasing for anyone of Indian descent, including me.

I personally think she looks freakin' amazing for someone who just had a kid and is adjusting to being a mom.  All those people that are harping on her for not being a size to their liking should be ashamed.  She's still stunning, size 0 or not.

Aishwarya Rai a few days ago at the Cannes Film Festival

Bag Snob: Marc by Marc Jacobs "Natasha"

I am defintely a girl who loves her designer bags, which I've blogged many times about.  Last weekend while in the states, I found what might be my next purchase:  the Marc by Marc Jacobs "Natasha".  It's in a colour called "Cement".  While as unappealing as that name sounds, the bag is pretty damn stylish and would go with just about every outfit because of it's neutral grey/stone/taupe colour.

Marc by Marc Jacobs "Natasha" in Cement.

My friend Jen has this same bag in black and she says its very functional as well as being totally adorable.  Hmm, I think this bag is going on my fantasy birthday wishlist...!

21 May 2012

Style Star: Diane Kruger

It's easy to look amazing when you have a beautiful complexion, long flaxen hair and a great figure.  This we already know.  But it's not easy to look like an individual and express your own style.  I've been really digging Diane Kruger's style lately for this reason.  She doesn't try to look like anyone else but herself, which is a great style lesson.

Some of her most recent looks that have really impressed me (all pictures from InStyle) are below.   I love her use of colour and that she's not afraid to take some fashion risks.

In Prada at the Met Gala - casual at the top, drama at the bottom.
The colour purple always looks amazing with blonde hair; no exception here.

Another Prada gown, with flawless minimal makeup


In a lacy Erdem mini with sheer overlay.  

Edgy and sexy in Balmain.  Love the booties.

In a coral  plungin Calvin Klein dress.
Not sure I like the contrast of the white shoes, but an interesting look nonetheless.

In a floaty pale mint Giambattista Valli.  Stunning!

In a sexy Versus by Versace mini.  

Golden girl in Vivenne Westwood.  
Love the draping of the gown, especially at the bust.

19 May 2012

Twinkle In My Eye

There is something about meeting someone new, exciting and that complements your life as much as you complement theirs.  I know I'm being mysterious now, but I don't want to say much cause I'm a bit superstitious.  I've been working really hard to be less hard on myself and others around me, and I think it's finally come back full circle:

18 May 2012

Magic Mike

It's almost as if God has granted the wishes of millions of women around the world:  Channing Tatum playing a male stripper in an entire feature length film.  If you've ever been to a male strip club or seen male strippers, most of the time it is pretty lame but great for a laugh.  Something tells me this movie might actually be the real deal:  hot male strippers in the form of Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, and Alex Pettyfer.  Can't wait to see it!

Just Add Water

Swimsuit season is nearly upon us and I'm re-evaluating my swimsuit collection.  I have lots of cute bikinis but I keep seeing "maillot" style one pieces everywhere, which are very tempting.

From Anthropologie.

From Modcloth

From Norma Kamali (via Net-a-Porter)

Playing on the retro styles that shows like Mad Men have brought back into popularity, maillot-style suits have full coverage top to bottom, but the ruching and sweetheart neckline still show off curves.   I'm going shopping in the States this weekend and seriously thinking about investing in one of these retro-cute suits! 

7 May 2012

2012 Met Gala: Favourite Looks

The Met Gala is the equivalent to the fashion world of what the Oscars is to the movies.  I honestly think most people don't go to the Met Gala to celebrate the fashion world, but rather to work it on the red carpet.  And work it they did....

(all pictures from Fashionista)

Beyonce in Givenchy.  If she's not already in the spotlight, she will find a way to grab it!

Dianna Agron in Carolina Herrera.  I don't think there is a colour she looks bad in.

Ginnifer Goodwin would have looked great in this tangerine Monique Lhuillier if it weren't for her strangely slicked back-hair. 
January Jones can pull off Versace like no other.  And here she does it again.

Jessica Pare (aka the new Mrs. Don Draper) in L'Wren Scott.

Rihanna looking sleek and sexy in Tom Ford.

Karolina Kurkova with Rachel Zoe, in a rose gold Rachel Zoe.
Full head turban in rose gold?  Bold move!

Coco Rocha in vintage.
Apparently previously owned by Liz Taylor (wine stain included!)

Emma Stone looking adorable in Lanvin.
I think the hair is cute, even if it is a bit cheerleader-ish.

Solange Knowles didn't go sheer like her sister Beyonce,
but she does look fabulous in this lemon yellow Rachel Roy

6 May 2012

I Still Got It....

Now that I'm well on my way to being 31, I realize that things are not what they once were when it comes to my body.  Losing those few pounds after Christmas takes a bit longer, recovering from a night of drinking is a more of a major drag than a few years ago, and trying to avoid the creep of fine little lines around my eyes and lips are task numero uno.  Simply put, I'm not getting any younger, damnit!

Yes being older means you're wiser and smarter about your choices, you know what you want, blah, blah, blah.  But you know what's also awesome as you get older?  When you get ID-ed or even better...someone mistakes you for being (much) younger than you are.

Case in point, yesterday while out with my mom, an 18 year old boy who was helping with our purchases was checking me out like maaaadddd.  An 18 year old checking out nearly 31 one year old me?!?!  Sounds a little Mrs. Robinson-esque, but I was wearing jeans, a black tee and almost no makeup.  I didn't look like the older more experienced woman in that scenario.  Anyway, I should have felt objectified, but I actually felt pretty freakin' awesome after that, despite the fact that he was seriously obvious about checking out the goods.  And when I say obvious, I mean staring at my boobs for a good 8 seconds straight kind of obvious.

But...there's more!  Later that same day, I answered the door at my house and the person on the other side of it (looking to mow the lawn or something), asked me if my parents were home, conceivably to ask permission for the service they were selling.  Me, being mistaken for not even being a legal adult!!!  That was the icing on the cake!  Someone thinks I'm not even legal.  Yay!

Now, I know how silly and shallow I sound right now, but as I get older I realize you have to appreciate the little things in life.  Right?  So...I choose to appreciate those moments where I have been mistaken for being much younger than I actually am and I will cherish those moments forever!

Styling Tips: For Girls with Curves

Figuring out how to find clothes that flatter your body type is a daunting task.  For years and years I had struggled with this myself, being short and curvy with small shoulders and big boobs (seriously, I'm not bragging, it's just a fact:  they are big!).  I used to spend hours upon hours going through the racks at clothing stores to find something that would fit me and flatter me, but to no avail.  I remember many times feeling very discouraged because I didn't seem to fit the mold of what was out there.  It wasn't a good feeling - I honestly felt my body was letting me down.  It was only when a friend said to me "woman, you need to make clothes work for you, not the other way around!" that a lightbulb came on.

From then on, the task was and still is to find pieces that flatter my small frame, big bust and curvy figure.  Thankfully, there are some great options out there now that retailers have figured out that not everyone is a 5'8, 120lb woman with no hips and that they aren't going to make any money ignoring this fact.  After years of research (aka shopping!), I've found some "style rules" to flatter my curves and help me feel put-together and confident about what I look like.  I also have a Pinterest board called For Girls with Curves that will hopefully inspire to dress your best with confidence but also some pictures of what to avoid.

Miss M's Tips for Styling a Curvy Frame:

1.  When you find something that fits well and is a wardrobe staple, buy multiples.  Similarly, record the style and fit so you can go back to the same store if you need to replace those items.  For example, I know the fit and length of pants at Ann Taylor and Banana Republic are great options for me, so I usually buy a couple pairs when I need to refresh my work wardrobe.  And while I might look elsewhere for other options, I don't waste my time hunting for the same fit somewhere else.  Once you know that something works for you, stick with it.

2.  Cinch that waist!  Belts have been huge over the last few years and here's why: cinch your waist with one and it instantly creates curves or if you have curves, flatters them.

Imagine this outfit without the belt: the ruching at the top of the skirt would create unnecessary bulk.
The belt brings everything in to flatter the waist.

3.  Balance your proportions - too tight and you will look hootchie, too loose and you will look bigger than you actually are.  For example, if you are going to wear a loose blouse, balance things out with skinny jeans.  Or, if you're going to wear wide leg jeans or pants, wear a top that is a bit more fitted.

Balance proportions - i.e.: skinny jeans with a looser top.
(Notice how this top is still cinched at the waist?)

4.  Find what works for you, that you feel comfortable and confident in.  Show off what you like about your body, and what you don't, find something that flatters that part not hides it.  For me, I wish my stomach was more like Britney Spears from 2006, but it's not.  So, I don't wear anything too tight in the midsection but instead try wear things that draw the eye upward (i.e.: to the girls...but in a classy way!).

A crossover dress is universally flattering but especially so when you aren't 100% in love with your midsection.

5.  Don't forget about your face!  It's great that you want your body to look great, but remember that your pretty eyes, fabulous smile or gorgeous hair are probably what people will see first when they look at you.  So, stop obsessing that you don't have Britney's 2006 abs, and smile for goodness sake!  People will notice when you are happy and that's what they will remember too.

6.  Last but not least:  Work it!  There are tons of gorgeous women in history that are curvaceous and proud of it.  Find a style role model who has curves like Kate Winslet, Christina Hendricks, Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayak, Jennifer Lopez....even Jessica Simpson if you are desperate...and use their confidence in their bodies to boost your own.  Tons of women out there wish they had a bit more curve to fill out their jeans or bras, so be happy that you aren't lacking in that department!


5 May 2012

Spring Fashion: Pointy Toe Heels

When I think of spring/summer I think of open toed shoes.  While that might work for evenings and weekends, if you are in an office all day, sometimes the open-toe shoes are not practical or even prohibited if you work somewhere with a strict dress code.

So what's a girl to do?  The alternative might be pointy-toe heels.  Pointy-toe heels seem to be popping up all over the style blogs and fashion mags but in bright, bold colours for spring.  They are still office friendly because of the closed toe, but are a great addition to a spring wardrobe to go with your prints/florals/pastels or even to pair with a black suit or sheath as a bold contrast.

My choice would be something in pink. turquoise or mint.  With shoes, like a purse, when you go bold, keep everything else neutral as to avoid sensory overload or start to look like an ad from the 80s.

"Blade" pointy toe heels from Casadei

Gianvito Rossi pumps from farfetch.com

Pierre Darre heels from yoox.com

2 May 2012

RHOV Recap: Fashion Nightmare

After we left Mary in "Crazy Town" last episode, many were wondering who would be left on her side.  Even Christina walked out on her, though she said she just wanted to escape the drama.  She may have created more of it by leaving than by staying....

We soon found out the status of Mary and Christina's friendship as they headed up for a catch up at the beach (note:  since when is drinking champagne on a Vancouver beach legal?  if it is legal now, sign me up!).  They started off talking about Ronnie's aggressive behaviour, which they attributed to her hitting the sauce a bit too much lately.  Probably true, I mean the lady owns a winery for goodness sake!  Mary did also ask Christina about why she left that fateful night at the Keefer hotel, but in the end forgave Christina for wavering.  It was a sweet scene, but kind of boring.

On to Jody and Ronnie...their conversation about that night was much more interesting.  Basically it was Mary-bashing time:  Mary's violent, Mary's below the belt for calling Ronnie a drunk, Mary's old, Mary's jealous.  Jody doesn't seem to have ever been a Mary fan, so she was perfect to add fuel to Ronnie's already raging fire.  I smell another confrontation between M & R brewing...

Reiko again showed us why when don't want to mess with her.  She invited Christina to her "dojang" (?) for a workout.  Christina being the party girl she is, showed up majorly hungover, but kept up pretty good with Reiko.  After the workout they went for coffee, where again we saw a rehashing of the night at the Keefer.  It was clear that Reiko's on Team Ronnie and Christina's on Team Mary, because they both had different recollections of what happened that night.  Thankfully they both channeled their inner "Switzerland" and agreed to disagree.  Which was nice.  Not sure this show needs another feud...though we all know Reiko would kick sweet Christina's ass.

We later ended up (again) at Ronnie's palatial estate in West Vancouver, where we witnessed her classiness in full action: drinking red wine through a straw.  A straw, people!  Real red wine connoisseurs would probably choke at the thought, and then want to choke Ronnie when they hear that this lady owns a vineyard.   Sad, but true, my red-wine loving friends.   Anyway, the real point of the scene was that Ronnie was discussing a potential name for the winery with her son:  she wants to call it "Rehab".   Um...no comment.

Then we saw Reiko, Mary and Christina head out for a bike ride for no conceivable reason other than it was a way to get Reiko and Mary together in a scene so Reiko could invite her to the fashion show.  Not sure what the point of the biking scenes were, except to show that the three of them pissed off every biker in all of Stanley Park that day for not paying attention to the signs and that clearly they didn't care about this anyway.  The funniest part of the bike ride was Reiko's comments about Christina's biking skills, including: "Christina just looks like she's in a tampon commercial or something." and "Christina will ride anything in a dress.  A bike, a horse, a guy." Hilarious.  Post-bike meal, Reiko invited the other two ladies to the luxury car show fashion show she was walking in, but warned Mary that Ronnie would be there.  Of course it wouldn't be an episode of the Real Housewives of Vancouver without some drama at the tail end of the show, after a massive buildup to said drama.  The formula for every episode of RHOV so far continues...

We had to wait a bit more for the drama, so meanwhile we saw Reiko practicing her model walk with her stage mom criticizing nearby.   We also saw Ronnie and her "genius" son meeting with consultants about marketing for her winery.   There wasn't much to say except that they are both clearly amateurs at this.  There were a lot of bewildered looks on the consultant's faces and rightly so.  Ronnie completely embarrassed herself and looked like the classic trophy wife who just needed a fun project to spend her husband's money on.  Which she is.   Moving on....

Looks like Christina did go on a date or dates with David, who met last week and happens to be Mary's neighbour.  He totally seemed serious when he said his dream life would be to be to come back as a female bike seat.  WTF???  Thankfully he was kidding and actually seems normal.  Not exactly the man I'd picture self-confessed "gold-digger" Christina with, but maybe she's trying to change her image.

From Canada.com
Finally we arrived at the day of Reiko's debut on the runway.  She had a classic case of the nerves, but like everything we see Reiko do on this show, she mastered it.  In the front row, the drama simmered below the surface and we were treated to some clearly racist comments from Ronnie about the height of some of the Asian models.  Seriously, does she come loaded to every event?  Who says stuff like that?!?  After the show was a the after party, where Reiko basked in the afterglow of her runway success.  Jody so cleverly decided she wanted to drink a "bloody Mary" when deciding her drink choice.  Not clever or funny at all in fact, but mean Queen Jody is clearly back after a brief hiatus last week. 

When Mary finally crossed paths with Ronnie, Jody and Reiko, the three of them left the area "tout de suite".  In the end, there was no confrontation, but the scene spoke volumes.  This time Christina "stood strong" with her friend Mary and unfortunately Reiko has clearly sided with Team Ronnie.  Lines are drawn in the sand even deeper and Mary has thrown down the gauntlet: she wants to win the war.   Good luck Mary!  I don't think there is any point in arguing with two people as misguided and delusional as Jody and Ronnie, but I bet it will make for some interesting tv!

1 May 2012

Shoe Porn

These Christian Louboutins would look soooooo amazing in my closet right now.  They are an elegant choice from a designer who mainly sells sex (it's true!).  Love the peep toe look with the delicate straps.  They would look good with everything from a pair of tight dark, flared jeans, to an LBD (little black dress), to a formal gown or dress.

If these are in your price range (and if they are, I admit, I envy you!),
you can find them on Christian Louboutin website

For more of my fantasy shoe collection, check out my Pinterest board called "Shoe Porn".