12 October 2012

Less is More

I've always been somewhat of a fashion minimalist.  I'm not into lots of embellishment or accessories because I think that you should always be what people see first not what you are wearing.  A classic overdone look in my books is Halle Berry in this fitted, black dress:

Halle Berry in Herve Leger
When I first saw this picture all I could focus on was huge earrings, spiky hair and an embellished neckine.  Then, after all that, I saw Halle Berry.  Sure the dress fits like a glove and Halle is gorgeous as always, but if you want to get noticed before your outfit does, you're better off choosing something like this:

Abbie Cornish in Rouland Mouret
Still figure flattering, still stylish but you see the girl before you see the dress.  Less is more my friends!

2 October 2012

E-Cards with Style: Paperless Post by Kate Spade

I recently invested in my first Kate Spade bag (the Juniper hobo) and now that I'm on their official mailing list (theirs and everyone else's it seems...my inbox is so full when I look at it these days!), I hear about all sorts of great Kate Spade news.

While most of the emails go to the trash bin (sorry Kate!), one caught my eye the other day.  Paperless Post by Kate Spade is her venture into the e-card business and on first glance, the e-cards are adorable! Whimsical details like polka dots, bright colours and cute sayings galore:

Signing up for Paperless Post is free and you can earn coins to use on their site by liking them on Facebook or Twitter.

1 October 2012

Sports Bra = "Showtime"?

About the most difficult thing about having larger boobs is find a bra that fits comfortably.  I know because I'm blessed in the boob department and spent years trying to find well fitted bras.  Turns out they are in speciality stores and made by designer labels, and often can be upwards of $100.  That being said, there is something to be said for having the girls supported without feeling pinched, stuffed or smushed into an off the rack bra from the mall or outlet.

Finding a sports bra that fits well is a whole other challenge in itself when your girls are bigger than a C-cup.  I suppose this is why Victoria's Secret is now making sports bras...but in their own special, special Victoria's Secret way.  Their sports bra is called Showtime and it claims to double your breast size!  Exactly what you want when you are sweating it out on the treadmill right??

Showtime sports bra by Victoria's Secret

I will never understand why they make "push up"bras for people larger than a C-cup, so I'm flabbergasted by basically what is a push up bra in a stretchy, sporty material. If you are that big already, do you really want to appear that you have even bigger boobs???  There is something to be said for being classy and leaving a little to the imagination.  The way you dress says something about you, every time you set foot outside your door.

So ladies, feel free to put your best foot forward, but make sure you don't lead with your boobs!

Getting in the Groove

I've been at my new job for nearly two months now and I'm finally starting to get the hang of things.  Not only that, I feel like I've established a "routine" for myself.  As lame as this sounds, I am a girl that loves things to happen in their place and time, and a routine is something I cannot live without!  Luckily, having a routine is said to reduce stress by letting you concentrate on the things that need your attention and contemplation, at least according to this article.

Now that I'm in a routine...it's time to start getting exercise and sleep back as my priorities.  It's time to revisit Project Sleep and Project Exercise to buy an iPad ...and oh yeah, Project Expand the Mind.  Oops.  I may be over extending myself a bit with all these projects...but what's a life without goals and trying to make yourself better?

Stay focused!