27 July 2012


After a whirlwind few weeks, I am in relaxation mode.  Why?  Well today is my first day of vacation and I have two (yes two!) whole weeks away from work.  My company has a rule that you have to take half your vacation days at once, which at first thought seems kind of annoying, but really a a few days or even a week away from work is not enough time to truly wind down and re-energize yourself.

I'm planning to spend a week at home doing nothing, but first I'm headed to the beautiful Okanagan, to Osoyoos to be exact.  Osoyoos is the only desert in Canada and also part of BC's wine country, so I am looking forward to tasting some yummy wine as well as getting some much needed time in the sun.  I'll be documenting via Instagram so follow me on Twitter (@lady_n_charge) for updates!

Osoyoos at sunset (via Travel Writers Tales)

16 July 2012

Expanding The Mind

Sometimes it feels like in the world we live in today provides so many distractions from intelligent thought.  Turn on the tv, flip open your computer, read a newspaper...it boggles my mind how much crap is out there that you can fill your head with.  Not to say I'm above any of it (the crap).  I am a self-admitted reality tv lover (hello Real Housewives!), I've been known to pick up a trashy magazine or two for the beach or an airplane ride, and most of the time when I get home from a long day at work I don't want to be watching the news, I want to catch up on the latest celebrity gossip.

But with all those mindless distractions, my brain is turning to mush.  Add that to the fact that I'm not learning anything new at work, haven't been at school in years (a place where one traditionally is supposed to learn) and rarely find time to sit down with a good book...and it really feels like I need to challenge myself.  I guess that's one reason why I'm looking for a new job, but if that doesn't pan out soon, I will have to find another way to expand my mind.

Some ideas to keep my brain sharp are reading about something that intrigues me (religion, politics, biographies), taking a class of some sort, or learning a new skill.  I also found some interesting articles about how to save your brain from "rotting", including this one about 11 ways to expand your mind.  The top the of the list was "question everything", which got me thinking.  If you want to spend some time reading mindless gossip, catching up on reality tv or doing nothing in particular, I guess it is ok as long as you approach those activities with a mind that is going to question and process the information, and the time you spend on those activities is limited.  Sometimes you do need some time to turn your brain "off" but you need to make time to turn it "on" too.

14 July 2012

The Woman Who Lived in Her Shoes

Looking good is always a work in progress.  Whether it's tweaking your exercise/diet, updating the wardrobe, getting a new hair colour, etc., there are so many ways that we work on trying to look our best.  Or at least I do, but maybe that's the perfectionist side of me!  Anyway, no matter skinny or chubby I feel, how tired or cranky I am, once I put on a great pair of shoes, my spirits are instantly lifted.  I am a true lover of shoes and I don't think that is going to change anytime soon!  I even have a Pinterest board called Shoe Porn dedicated to my lust for amazing shoes.

My shoe closet circa August 2011.  It's got a bit bigger since then!

One of the shoe designers whose shoes I lust after is Nicholas Kirkwood.  He is truly an artist - his designs are sculptural, colourful, embellished and beautiful.  I love the unique way his shoes have a platform in the front as well as the lace up details, arched straps and squared off heels.  I hope to one day get my hot little hands on a pair of his heels.  I am not an art aficionado, but I would consider his shoes to be the closest to art as shoes can get.


12 July 2012

Product Alert: Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector

Ever since I can remember, I have had dark circles under my eyes and have tried every concealer on the market to try to cover them up.  Now, I may have found a way to get rid of them forever: Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector.

The name may be a mouthful, but it claims to "visibly lighten dark circles by 30 percent in 12 weeks".  I've tried other Even Better products (including my all time favourite for evening out skin tone, Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector) and I've had good results, so chances are this product would work well to brighten up my undereye area.   I haven't been to the beauty counter in a while, but it is for sure available on Sephora.  Will keep you posted on the results once I try it!

11 July 2012

Great Kate

I've been a huge admirer of Kate Walsh since she showed up on Grey's Anatomy as the scorned Mrs. Dr. McDreamy in that epic first scene of her's on the show:

There was something about the way she says "So you're the woman who's been screwing my husband." (take note - it was not a question, but a statement!) that made me think, this is not a person I want to mess with, and also this is an actress that is pretty fearless to take on the role of the "villian" in such a popular, ground breaking show.  

I've kind of followed Kate's career, from Grey's Anatomy to Private Practice, but more so followed her on the style front.  She is drop dead gorgeous with flaming red hair, a great smile and mile long legs, but also looks like the type of woman that you could actually have a real conversation with and perhaps be friends.  She's lived a pretty full life and doesn't have regrets, which makes her all the more interesting and relatable.  I admire her sense of style - she chooses figure flattering outfits, but makes sure that people see her great energy through anything she puts on.  Oh, and her ads for her "Boyfriend" and "Billionaire Boyfriend" are pretty damn hot too!

Kate Walsh in a chic casual look.
Love the navy, cream and red together. 
In a gorgeous Christian Cota mini, promoting her new Billionare Boyfriend fragrance.

Sexy and sleek in a fitted Herve Leger mini.

I adore the lace top with this red skirt.  She looks both put together and girly.

Kate Walsh's first fragrance "Boyfriend".

Super sexy for her second fragrance "Billionaire Boyfriend"

10 July 2012

$7 Dollars, Y'all

A little update on my recent post about finding motivation to work out.  Since last week I've raised a whopping (drum roll please) $7 towards my iPad!  I worked out 3 times last week, but deducted myself a dollar for eating a piece of cake at my friends' place after we went for a walk.  This week, I have been to yoga once and about to do a mini workout in front of the tv, plus yoga planned for later this week.  

The iPad fund may not be overflowing, but the real benefit I'm seeing after more exercise is in my energy level.  To put it plainly, I have so much more freaking energy!  It is pretty amazing how a little exercise can change that.  I'm excited to continue with my "plan" but I will admit that I do have to push myself to get off my (well-padded) arse from time to time.  This cartoon about sums it up for me:

Bag Snob: Reed Krakoff Boxer

If you're looking for a structured, stylish bag that will compliment just about any outfit...well you're looking for something that may not actually exist.  What might be close, and is top of my list, is the Boxer satchel by Reed Krakoff.  The design is all clean lines and corners but the bag looks best in multicoloured leather.  I can only imagine how fabulous this might look on my arm with a great black dress, jeans & basic tee, or even a business suit...not that I ever wear one, but if I did, it would look great with this bag!

Boxer satchel by Reed Krakoff

2 July 2012


Sad but true fact about me:  when it comes to working out, I'm a lazy bitch.  I will do just about anything to avoid having to exercise, even if it is a something that I enjoy, like zumba.  But...working out is a necessary part of life if you want to be healthy and be fit, so I have to find new ways to motivate myself.  Usually I only get to my breaking point when I look in the mirror or step on the scale and I am totally disgusted with my body.  That usually snaps me back to reality but at that point getting back to my ideal shape is all the more difficult because I've let myself go so much.  Not good at all.

The other day while trolling through Pinterest (yes, one of the things I should stop doing so much so I have more time to work out), I found a pin about motiviation which I've decided to adopt as my motivation to work out more often.  Essentially, every time you exercise, you tip yourself.  What you decide to do after a certain amount of work outs is up to you but it seems like a simple way to not only get motivated but also reward yourself if you can keep it going for an extended period of time.

Work out motivation, from my Pinterest board Skinny Bitch

I've decided I want an iPad and I'm going to work my ass off to raise enough to cover 1/2 the cost of one.  A qualifying workout will be physical activity of at least 30 minutes, which for me includes walking (could be at work on the treadmill at lunch or after dinner around the block with a friend) a yoga class at YYoga, or a simple set of exercises at home with my new resistance bands.  I'm REALLY excited about this plan, though I do foresee some hiccups that I need to be prepared for.  

First off, I could treat this just like any other "plan" I've had to get healthy and fall off the wagon.  Second, I haven't set a time frame for what's an acceptable amount of time to get to my goal, which could be an issue.  And last, it is summer and I have numerous plans in the next few months, including 8 days wine tasting in the Okanagan, two weddings and possibly a camping trip.  This could be difficult to sustain for many reasons but I think keeping my eye on the "prize" will be great motivation to get me to my goal.  It will involve some lifestyle changes but I am up for the challenge!  Wish me luck and hopefully soon this baby (in white) will be mine:

iPad2 in white:  my motivation to work out 30 minutes a day, at least 4 times a day.
If I keep it up,  I may have one by Christmas.

Miss M Loves: Blue

Yesterday after getting to ride in the fire department's VW Bug with my fabulous friend SHR for the Canada Day parade, I decided to make a stop at Chapters on my way home.  I love book stores - I find them both calming and invigorating, if that's possible.  I could spend hours wandering through the aisles, thumbing through books that catch my eye and I'd never get bored.  So I was really looking forward to some time to expand my mind and maybe pick up a good book along the way.  This felt like a good way to spend my one hour of "me" time that I promised to give myself a few weeks back.

Well, instead of expanding my mind, I came upon a sale (my favourite 4 letter word!) and a pretty good one at that - 50% off a lot of their lifestyle, stationary and gift items.  I ended up picking up some adorable notebooks and a cute canvas nautical theme tote.  I didn't realize that everything I bought (including a book that I found about improving my diet) was in shade of blue until the cashier pointed it out.


I guess upon further thought, I am a huge fan of blue without even realizing it.  I love blue jeans, my favourite boat neck navy & white tee for the spring, midnight blue MAC shadow and blue nail polish (She's Picture Perfect by Essie is a fav right now).   Blue is a great alternative to boring old black or grey, and happens to be a calming colour.  So no wonder I love it so much!  

What I'm not a fan of when it comes to blue?  Blue hair, blue cheese and...naming your baby Blue (hello Jay-Z and Beyonce!).  

1 July 2012

Making Waves

Something strange is happening to my hair.  After growing it out for the last year (it's nearly at the bottom of my shoulder blades!), I was almost certain I would have trouble keeping it full of body by now.  In fact, the opposite has occured:  I have more body in my hair and stranger still, I actually have some waves going on.  Now I'm totally lost when it comes to taking care of of my hair.  I used to have stick straight fine hair that couldn't hold a curl to save my life without massive amounts of hairspray (we are talking nearly a whole can).  How does one treat medium length, fine, colour treated wavy hair?  Especially when you are notoriously lazy about styling your hair yet totally a perfectionist who can't stand a hair out of place like I am.

Since there are an overwhelming amount of products and sources for research out there, I've decided to work backwards by looking for inspiration then trying to emulate them myself.  So fair, I am really digging Minka Kelly's hair - she has the relaxed yet put together wavy hair that I am hoping to re-create for myself.

Ignoring the fact that she is freakin' stunning,
I think I can make my hair look like Minka Kelly with a few simple steps.

I kind of like this new challenge and truthfully being part of the wavy hair club.  My sister, little niece and lots of my friends have wavy hair, so I'm in good company!