29 August 2011

VMA 2011 Fashion

The VMAs were last night and the buzz was all about Beyonce's big announcement on the black carpet that she is pregnant.  Kind of a meangirl thing to do, in my opinion, as it was Britney Spear's night to shine.  She received the Video Vanguard award and they had a huge tribute to her, but the damage was done.  No one could stop talking about B & J's baby news for a moment to acknowledge Britney.

Anyway, that was the drama of the night and solidified my dislike of Beyonce even further.  That being said, she did look damn good on the black carpet.  Pregnancy defintely agrees with her so far.   Fashion wise, there wasn't much to look at.  Lots of MTV celebrities,  but no huge star power.

Here are some of my favourite looks from the otherwise uninspiring black carpet:

I realy love this black belted dress by Barbara Tfank that Adele was wearing.  She looks amazing and she sounded even more so last night

Beyonce looked on trend in a tangerine draped gown by Lanvin

Britney looked  super sexy in this romper by Moschino  It was my favourite look of the night.  Love the peep toe platform boots!

Katie Holmes in a cute Alaia dress.   Like the shoes, but don't love the colour of them.  

And the fashion losers of the night?  I think you all know for sure that it's the girls from Jersey Shore. They look like they are trying way too hard.  Would love to see them in less giltter and less spray tanned.  For now, I will just shake my head at their fashion choices.  What were they thinking?!?

Actually the one on the far left looks pretty good, but the rest of the girls need a makeunder, stat!

26 August 2011

Forced to wear flats...

Sometimes you just have to take your doctor's orders.  That's the case with Victoria Beckham as she was recently spotted out in flats (gasp!) not her signature high, high, skyscraping heels.  Why?  Well apparently she has a slipped disc in her spine, which is the type of thing that requires one to wear sensible shoes.

A slipped disc can take a few weeks to heal, so we will have to wait to see VB in her signature heels  for a little while.  For now, let's reminisce with some of the most high heels she's dared to step out in...

24 August 2011

Favourite Fashion Blogs

It's no secret that I love fashion, and likely if you are reading this blog, you do too!  I keep up with things in different ways:  Twitter, magazines, celebrity news sites, research expeditions (aka shopping), Pinterest, and last but not least blogs.  

I thought I'd share some of my favourite blogs and if you have some of your own, please feel free to share with me!

What's Right Now - www.instyle.com
This blog is great if you want to keep up with both celebrities and fashion trends.

Shoerazzi - http://shoerazzi.com/see/blog/
You guessed it, all about shoes and the celebrities who wear them.  My favourite thing about this blog is the "Shoes She Should of Wore" features.

Purseblog - http://www.purseblog.com/
Purses and more purses to lust after, plus cheeky recaps of almost every Real Housewives episode, from the OC to Atlanta to NYC.

WhoWhatWear - http://www.whowhatwear.com/website/home.php
The grandaddy of celebrity fashion blogs

What Kate Wore - http://whatkatewore.com/
Everything to do with the Duchess and her style.

The Sartorialist - http://www.thesartorialist.com/
What real people are wearing around the world, by a fashion photographer featured in GQ and Vogue.  

23 August 2011

Vacation Time! (almost)

I am two days away from a blissful full two weeks away from work and I couldn't be more excited.  I'm heading to NYC for 9 days to see the US Open (tennis), Wicked (on Broadway) and do tons of shopping, eating & sightseeing.  This is my third visit there and I am soooo looking forward to it!  NYC is really the city that has almost everything for everyone.

Anyway, I won't be blogging much in the next few weeks, but follow me on twitter (@lady_n_charge) for updates on where I'm at and what I'm up to.

Talk to y'all really soon!

Miss M

18 August 2011

Food or Halle Berry's bod?

Halle Berry is hot.  Period.  End of sentence.  But how the hell does she do it??

This picture of Halle on the beach came out a few days ago and now everyone is talking about how amazing she still looks after a kid and being a few years shy of 50.  So what is her secret??? Don't eat anything that isn't good for you, including sugar, rice, cheese, flour, and pasta, according to her trainer in this Us Weekly article: http://www.usmagazine.com/healthylifestyle/news/how-halle-berry-maintains-her-sexy-bikini-bod-at-45-2011168

Now I am all for eating healthy and taking care of myself and I absolutely know that it works.  In fact, about 5 years ago I got down to my skinniest ever by eating nothing but salad, chicken breast, almonds and low fat cereal.  Mostly, I looked great, but more than a few people said to me "whoa, are you ok?" because the weight loss was so obvious.  I was happy with my new body, but my face looked a little gaunt and my boobs a little deflated.  And you better believe that after about 6 months of such a restricted diet, I could not go near a chicken breast on a bed of lettuce.  I was so done with eating so healthy that I found my cravings for "unhealthy" food like pasta were very intense.

My point is, there is a tradeoff when you want to look Halley Berry hot and I guess it's up to the individual to decide how extreme of a diet is manageable.  One of my favourite things to do is go out for a good meal or prepare a good meal, so I will live with my less than perfect abs and thighs for now!

15 August 2011

SATC Back to TV?

Is it true?  Could it be that one of my all time favourite shows is potentially coming back to television?  There is major buzz right no that our favourite 4 fabulous ladies from Manhattan will be back on the small screen soon.  Ultimately it's up to the show creators and producers, but already SATC fans (including me) are daydreaming about the clothes, shoes and men that could possibly be featured in a new series.  Most encouraging is the buzz that this will pre-empt the "prequel movie" that was going to star Selena Gomez, the mere thought of which mortified many die hard fans like myself.

I have no idea what this new series might look like, given that when the first series started out it was about 4 single friends navigating the dating world in Manhattan.  The last movie ended off with some of their marriages being a bit rocky, but ultimately enduring the ups and downs.  I guess we will have to see, but for now I'm jumping for joy at the thought. 

What I loved most about the series and the movies was it's true depiction of female friendship.  It is rare to see this on television now and I miss the realness of that.  My favourite scenes were always their Sunday brunches together.  It reminds me of the brunches I have with some of my closest female friends.  Good food, friends and laughs will never go out of style, so I have my fingers & toes crossed that the new series is just as engaging as the first one!

13 August 2011

Goodbye Twenties!

Yes, it's true.  I am turning 30 soon.  In fact, I'm in my last month of being in my twenties.  Part of me is a little daunted by the thought of this.  Turning 30 is a milestone, an apparent marker of something big in one's life.  What that is, I don't quite know.  Does it mean the end of being considered hip?  Does it mean that I should just resign myself to the fact that it's all downhill from here, both physically (wrinkles! sagging body parts!) and mentally (memory loss!)?  Does it mean that it will get harder and harder to find a good guy to settle down with because the dating pool automatically shrinks when you are a 30 year old single woman?

A lot of my friends have already turned 30 and none of them have gone through any sort of big change.  It's true, they all mourned for some amount of time about no longer being in their 20s.  But no one ran out to get botox, get the tattoo they all thought they should have got when they were 23, or dated someone wayyyy younger as an act of rebellion.  Maybe this means my friends are boring...or maybe it means that 30 ain't no thing.

I can't see myself changing much about my life after I turn 30.  Earlier this year, I admit, I thought about a tattoo to mark the occasion.  Then I changed my mind and decided I would look at a new piece of jewelry.  Now, I'm thinking that celebrating another year of life with good friends, food and wine is all I really need to mark the big day.  Yes, I do feel a bit more pressure to maintain my current appearance, but other than that, I want to keep taking one day at a time, because, if anything, turning one year older helps you realize that life is too short to not enjoy.  

Also...these celebrities who turned or are turning 30 this year seem to be doing well, so 30 can't be all that bad!

Alicia Keys

Justin Timberlake

Sienna Miller

Goodbye twenties, bring it on 30!!!

11 August 2011

Just an Ordinary...Duchess?

It was bound to happen soon, but the first Duchess of Cambridge criticizers have come out of the closet.  And though they don't come out swinging at Kate Middleton's style, they definitely have some strong feelings about how she presents herself.

Designer Vivienne Westwood made some remarks recently about how Kate is not an ordinary woman, so she doesn't understand why she would dress as such.  As a follower of Kate's fashion choices, it is an interesting thought to ponder.   Should Kate stay "high street" instead of "haute couture"?

Like any woman, her style will likely develop over the years and yes, her tastes might get more expensive as she realizes she is now living a life of privilege.  I can see this happening, but I also hope she can continue on to be a "people's princess" like her husband's mother was most famously known as.  Both Kate and William seem pretty grounded now, so let's hope things stay that way.

6 August 2011


Have you joined Pintrest yet?  Have you?  When will you?

If you have no idea what I'm talking about and why I'm so excited, let me explain.  Pintrest is like a virtual scrapbook.  You can use to "pin" items that you find online into themed boards.  The opportunities are endless.

Whether you want to play around with fashion or favourite places, or whether you are planning an event or project, the coolest part of Pintrest is you can drag a "Pin it" icon to your bookmarks bar and use that to "pin" items to any of your boards.  Brillant.

I just started my boards the other day, but I highly recommend Pintrest already.  Check out Pintrest at http://pinterest.com and my boards at http://pinterest.com/lady_n_charge/.

Happy pinning!!!

2 August 2011

H&M Like (Not Love, but Definite Like)

H&M is not my favourite place to shop, but I do like how affordable their trendy pieces are and the fact that sometimes you can find some great classic pieces too.  That's why I was pretty surprised to read this article that basically dismissed any and every item that you could buy there.  After reading it, I thought, what's left to buy there???


My most recent finds at H&M were a dark purple and navy butterfly printed dress as well as a tomato red summer dress.  Both great material, affordable and cute.  I agree, you do have to be careful of what you buy, but like any retailer, there are good and bad items.  If you are a discriminating shopper you can figure this out pretty quickly.

Anyway, if you are looking to shop at H&M soon, here are some of my picks:

Adorable and perfect for summer.  If you wear a blazer over this,  you can even rock it at work.  http://www.hm.com/ca/product/92753?article=92753-E

Now this dress could never look good on my body type, but it is gorgeous and the perfect shade of honeysuckle pink.  http://www.hm.com/ca/product/93545?article=93545-B

A cute printed blouse for work or play or a night out if you dress it up of course.  http://www.hm.com/ca/product/93402?article=93402-A#article=93402-C
Every wardrobe needs a belted trench in a neutral colour, and this one is a steal at $59.95.  http://www.hm.com/ca/product/92385?article=92385-A

I rest my case.  H&M is affordable, cute and practical.  So there writer at Yahoo fashion!

1 August 2011

Buzzing Brain

I am one of those people that is constantly thinking and analyzing.  My brain almost never turns off.  Even if I am physically exhausted beyond all measure, my brain will still be humming with lists of things to do, opinions I have on issues and why, what's going with my favourite tv show, what I should pair with the latest pair of shoes I bought, why my last relationship failed, etc, etc.  My brain is like the Energizer Bunny, it just keeps going and going.

The great thing about this is that I remember a lot of details and I'm a great planner for this reason.  I also am very empathetic because I take note of the little things about people and try to relate to them because of these small things I notice.  The bad thing about this is that I often care too much about the things I need to get done or the people in my life.  It can take a toll, especially if you are a type "A" perfectionist personality like me!

But, that being said, I am who I am and this is the brain I have (for now, LOL)!   I think over the last year and a bit I've learned to let go of certain things and try not to control every situation in my life.  A while back, I got pretty ill because I let the stresses in my life get to me so much that I did physically exhaust myself.  I know now that I have to put me first and take good care of my health, otherwise I'm useless to everyone, including myself.