19 June 2012

Time and Space

Lately I find myself tired and dragging to doing the next thing on the list, not only on weekdays but on weekends too.  It could be for any number of reasons but I think it is because I feel stretched in all sorts of directions right now.  Between spending time with friends, family, my boyfriend as well as dealing with workplace drama, I am exhausted!  I find it hard to say no to people, especially those I care about, so it has been a constant juggling act trying to fit it all in.  Having time to myself to blog, catch up on errands and honestly just sit down and do nothing is at a premium right now.

So what to do when one feels stretched in all directions?  I guess the most obvious option is to take something off the list.  Not so easy because I'm not about to let go of anyone in my life that I care about.  But then again, it is a good idea to re-evaluate what actually IS important to me.  There will always be obligations but beyond that, what do I choose to keep on my list of things that I want to spend time on.

Here's what I've come up with so far
- Spending time with the people that I care about
- Taking care of my health: planning healthy meals and making healthy choices when I eat out
- Exercising:  making the most of the (expensive!) 6 month yoga studio pass I just bought with at least 2 yoga classes a week
- Finding and applying for good job opportunities
- Taking at least 1 hour a day for me reading, blogging when I feel like it, etc

Here's what is NOT on my list
- Wasting time on the Internet
- Shopping
- Spending time obsessing about anything:  relationships, work, etc

Operation improve Miss M's energy begins....now!

14 June 2012

Miss M Loves: Python Print

While shopping across the border with the bf (yes, he survived his first shopping trip with me!), I found a gorgeous pink ombre python print scarf.  It kind of looks like this Roberto Cavalli scarf, except not in blue or made of silk (and thus not $300).  I find myself wanting to wear it all the time because it's a neutral print that still adds a touch of colour to any otherwise plain outfit, like jeans and a white tee.

I've never owned anything in a python print before, but now I'm kind of obsessed with adding more to my closet.  Python is a more subtle print than traditional animal prints like leopard or cheetah, or the more out there than giraffe or crocodile.  Dare I say, but I think python print is the classiest of all the animal prints, and after looking at these gorgeous options, don't you agree??

Sergio Rossi Genuine Python Print heels

Spring Street Design Group Python cuff

Milly Bucket Bag in coral python

11 June 2012

When In Doubt, Don't Wear: Something Sheer

The sheer dress trend has been all over the runways and red carpets this season but it's taken it's first real victim:  the lovely and gorgeous Jessica Chastain.  Anytime I see her, she looks absolutely flawless, but in this dress, she just reminds me of someone wearing too-tight beige pantyhose...except that this is a dress...with flowers of some sort on where her nipples are...and a waist that is cinched in so she has a muffin top.

Jessica Chastain in an unfortunate sheer Marios Schwab dress.
At least her hair and makeup are still cute.

Moral of this story?  Trends are great, but make sure they work for you!

When In Doubt, Wear Sequins

There is no better way to dress up any outfit than sequins.  I don't own a lot of sequined clothes, but I do have an amazing black and gold Union Jack design clutch that I bought at store in London's Heathrow airport on a stopover that I think can make any outfit "pop".

My prized black and gold sequin Union Jack clutch.

Currently I'm in love with this sequined mini-dress, "Pink Star" by Jenny Packham.  Add minimal accesories and a pair of great black heels and you have an outfit worthy of any cocktail party, hot date or girls night out!

4 June 2012

Get Stuff Done

Found this quote the other day and I'm in love with it...why?  Because it's so damn true.  You get stuff done, don't beat around the bush or make excuses and guess what?  You're a bitch.  But I'd rather be a bitch any day than a push over.  So deal with it people!

Tina Fey, this is why I love you.  Truth!

2 June 2012

Celebrating the Jubilee

I often wonder what it would be like to be a member of the royal family, even if it were for a day.  So imagine living the life that Queen Elizabeth has...this weekend celebrating 60 years (!) as the head of the British monarchy.  We probably see her as someone like our grandma but with loads more money and jewels (including tiaras fit for every occassion), but in her younger years she used to be (kind of) stylish.

Before the pill box hats, pastel coat dresses and monotone skirt suits, the Queen even appeared that she wasn't afraid to take a style risk or two.  The proof?   A picture of a much younger queen sporting a one shoulder rose gold embossed evening gown:

Queen Elizabeth in her younger years.  Pretty risque for the royal family!

People all over the world are celebrating Queen Elizabeth's 60 years of reign, but especially in Britian with "English" style celebrations such as horse races, high teas and a flotilla of 1000 yachts up the River Thames.

While that all sounds like fun, these Swarovski crystal bedazzled Union Jack wedge heels by Aruna Seth would make any Jubilee celebration even more festive.  Not only a keepsake but a rare one at that - only 10 pairs of these $4,700 shoes were made.

Jubilee Crystal Wedges by Aruna Seth.  Only 10 pairs were made for the occasion.