12 October 2012

Less is More

I've always been somewhat of a fashion minimalist.  I'm not into lots of embellishment or accessories because I think that you should always be what people see first not what you are wearing.  A classic overdone look in my books is Halle Berry in this fitted, black dress:

Halle Berry in Herve Leger
When I first saw this picture all I could focus on was huge earrings, spiky hair and an embellished neckine.  Then, after all that, I saw Halle Berry.  Sure the dress fits like a glove and Halle is gorgeous as always, but if you want to get noticed before your outfit does, you're better off choosing something like this:

Abbie Cornish in Rouland Mouret
Still figure flattering, still stylish but you see the girl before you see the dress.  Less is more my friends!

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