1 October 2012

Getting in the Groove

I've been at my new job for nearly two months now and I'm finally starting to get the hang of things.  Not only that, I feel like I've established a "routine" for myself.  As lame as this sounds, I am a girl that loves things to happen in their place and time, and a routine is something I cannot live without!  Luckily, having a routine is said to reduce stress by letting you concentrate on the things that need your attention and contemplation, at least according to this article.

Now that I'm in a routine...it's time to start getting exercise and sleep back as my priorities.  It's time to revisit Project Sleep and Project Exercise to buy an iPad ...and oh yeah, Project Expand the Mind.  Oops.  I may be over extending myself a bit with all these projects...but what's a life without goals and trying to make yourself better?

Stay focused!

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