11 August 2012

To Tote or not to Tote?

I am super excited about starting a new job soon, mostly because it is a great opportunity for me to "challenge" my brain and learn lots of new, cool things about banking (yes, banking can be cool people!).  I'll be working in beautiful downtown Vancouver for my first few months, which means commuting to and from work via "Skytrain" instead of driving as I have for the last few years.  Such presents a fashion dilemma:  how do I "tote" all my stuff with me during my commute?

Luckily I love shopping and immediately have zoned in on looking for a new bag.  I have a basic black tote as well as some larger purses that I'm pretty sure will hold what I need (wallet, phone, lunch/snacks, e-Reader) but it's always fun to be on the hunt for another option to fit my new "toting" needs.  Here are some options I found via the Nordstrom website:

Kate Spade New York 'West Chelsea - Alissa' shopper

I really like the colour of this Kate Spade bag as well as the classic shape.
It looks big enough to schlep all my stuff in stylish way.

Reed Krakoff Gym Leather tote

A pricier option but I do love Reed Krakoff.
Not sure I would take this one to the gym as the name suggests...it's too nice!

Tory Burch Michelle Tote

This marigold Tory Burch is probably my favourite tote I've found so far.
The colour is to die for, not to mention the sleek bucket shape.

Kate Spade 'New York - Daycation' coated canvas bon shopper

A more reasonably priced Kate Spade "bon shopper" but that's because it is coated canvas not leather.
I do like the idea of a fun print, though it would limit the number of outfits I could wear with it as opposed to a non-printed tote

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