2 May 2012

RHOV Recap: Fashion Nightmare

After we left Mary in "Crazy Town" last episode, many were wondering who would be left on her side.  Even Christina walked out on her, though she said she just wanted to escape the drama.  She may have created more of it by leaving than by staying....

We soon found out the status of Mary and Christina's friendship as they headed up for a catch up at the beach (note:  since when is drinking champagne on a Vancouver beach legal?  if it is legal now, sign me up!).  They started off talking about Ronnie's aggressive behaviour, which they attributed to her hitting the sauce a bit too much lately.  Probably true, I mean the lady owns a winery for goodness sake!  Mary did also ask Christina about why she left that fateful night at the Keefer hotel, but in the end forgave Christina for wavering.  It was a sweet scene, but kind of boring.

On to Jody and Ronnie...their conversation about that night was much more interesting.  Basically it was Mary-bashing time:  Mary's violent, Mary's below the belt for calling Ronnie a drunk, Mary's old, Mary's jealous.  Jody doesn't seem to have ever been a Mary fan, so she was perfect to add fuel to Ronnie's already raging fire.  I smell another confrontation between M & R brewing...

Reiko again showed us why when don't want to mess with her.  She invited Christina to her "dojang" (?) for a workout.  Christina being the party girl she is, showed up majorly hungover, but kept up pretty good with Reiko.  After the workout they went for coffee, where again we saw a rehashing of the night at the Keefer.  It was clear that Reiko's on Team Ronnie and Christina's on Team Mary, because they both had different recollections of what happened that night.  Thankfully they both channeled their inner "Switzerland" and agreed to disagree.  Which was nice.  Not sure this show needs another feud...though we all know Reiko would kick sweet Christina's ass.

We later ended up (again) at Ronnie's palatial estate in West Vancouver, where we witnessed her classiness in full action: drinking red wine through a straw.  A straw, people!  Real red wine connoisseurs would probably choke at the thought, and then want to choke Ronnie when they hear that this lady owns a vineyard.   Sad, but true, my red-wine loving friends.   Anyway, the real point of the scene was that Ronnie was discussing a potential name for the winery with her son:  she wants to call it "Rehab".   Um...no comment.

Then we saw Reiko, Mary and Christina head out for a bike ride for no conceivable reason other than it was a way to get Reiko and Mary together in a scene so Reiko could invite her to the fashion show.  Not sure what the point of the biking scenes were, except to show that the three of them pissed off every biker in all of Stanley Park that day for not paying attention to the signs and that clearly they didn't care about this anyway.  The funniest part of the bike ride was Reiko's comments about Christina's biking skills, including: "Christina just looks like she's in a tampon commercial or something." and "Christina will ride anything in a dress.  A bike, a horse, a guy." Hilarious.  Post-bike meal, Reiko invited the other two ladies to the luxury car show fashion show she was walking in, but warned Mary that Ronnie would be there.  Of course it wouldn't be an episode of the Real Housewives of Vancouver without some drama at the tail end of the show, after a massive buildup to said drama.  The formula for every episode of RHOV so far continues...

We had to wait a bit more for the drama, so meanwhile we saw Reiko practicing her model walk with her stage mom criticizing nearby.   We also saw Ronnie and her "genius" son meeting with consultants about marketing for her winery.   There wasn't much to say except that they are both clearly amateurs at this.  There were a lot of bewildered looks on the consultant's faces and rightly so.  Ronnie completely embarrassed herself and looked like the classic trophy wife who just needed a fun project to spend her husband's money on.  Which she is.   Moving on....

Looks like Christina did go on a date or dates with David, who met last week and happens to be Mary's neighbour.  He totally seemed serious when he said his dream life would be to be to come back as a female bike seat.  WTF???  Thankfully he was kidding and actually seems normal.  Not exactly the man I'd picture self-confessed "gold-digger" Christina with, but maybe she's trying to change her image.

From Canada.com
Finally we arrived at the day of Reiko's debut on the runway.  She had a classic case of the nerves, but like everything we see Reiko do on this show, she mastered it.  In the front row, the drama simmered below the surface and we were treated to some clearly racist comments from Ronnie about the height of some of the Asian models.  Seriously, does she come loaded to every event?  Who says stuff like that?!?  After the show was a the after party, where Reiko basked in the afterglow of her runway success.  Jody so cleverly decided she wanted to drink a "bloody Mary" when deciding her drink choice.  Not clever or funny at all in fact, but mean Queen Jody is clearly back after a brief hiatus last week. 

When Mary finally crossed paths with Ronnie, Jody and Reiko, the three of them left the area "tout de suite".  In the end, there was no confrontation, but the scene spoke volumes.  This time Christina "stood strong" with her friend Mary and unfortunately Reiko has clearly sided with Team Ronnie.  Lines are drawn in the sand even deeper and Mary has thrown down the gauntlet: she wants to win the war.   Good luck Mary!  I don't think there is any point in arguing with two people as misguided and delusional as Jody and Ronnie, but I bet it will make for some interesting tv!

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