28 May 2012

MAC Hey Sailor! Touch of Red

Y'all know how much I love stripes and the China Glaze polish called Hey Sailor!, and for a brief moment I thought MAC had combined these two loves of mine in their own polish called Hey Sailor! Touch of Red.  It must have been my tired eyes and/or overactive imagination, but red and blue stripes sadly do not come straight out of this bottle of polish.

Can you see why I may have thought this was actually striped nail polish?
No, I cant either...

I do think upon further research that the Hey Sailor! Collection is adorable and can see myself purchasing some of the products.  Maybe one day MAC will figure out a way for striped or patterned nail polish to come straight out of a bottle.  After all, they've figured out how to make magnets create designs in nail polish, so it can't be that far off.

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