15 August 2011

SATC Back to TV?

Is it true?  Could it be that one of my all time favourite shows is potentially coming back to television?  There is major buzz right no that our favourite 4 fabulous ladies from Manhattan will be back on the small screen soon.  Ultimately it's up to the show creators and producers, but already SATC fans (including me) are daydreaming about the clothes, shoes and men that could possibly be featured in a new series.  Most encouraging is the buzz that this will pre-empt the "prequel movie" that was going to star Selena Gomez, the mere thought of which mortified many die hard fans like myself.

I have no idea what this new series might look like, given that when the first series started out it was about 4 single friends navigating the dating world in Manhattan.  The last movie ended off with some of their marriages being a bit rocky, but ultimately enduring the ups and downs.  I guess we will have to see, but for now I'm jumping for joy at the thought. 

What I loved most about the series and the movies was it's true depiction of female friendship.  It is rare to see this on television now and I miss the realness of that.  My favourite scenes were always their Sunday brunches together.  It reminds me of the brunches I have with some of my closest female friends.  Good food, friends and laughs will never go out of style, so I have my fingers & toes crossed that the new series is just as engaging as the first one!

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