13 August 2011

Goodbye Twenties!

Yes, it's true.  I am turning 30 soon.  In fact, I'm in my last month of being in my twenties.  Part of me is a little daunted by the thought of this.  Turning 30 is a milestone, an apparent marker of something big in one's life.  What that is, I don't quite know.  Does it mean the end of being considered hip?  Does it mean that I should just resign myself to the fact that it's all downhill from here, both physically (wrinkles! sagging body parts!) and mentally (memory loss!)?  Does it mean that it will get harder and harder to find a good guy to settle down with because the dating pool automatically shrinks when you are a 30 year old single woman?

A lot of my friends have already turned 30 and none of them have gone through any sort of big change.  It's true, they all mourned for some amount of time about no longer being in their 20s.  But no one ran out to get botox, get the tattoo they all thought they should have got when they were 23, or dated someone wayyyy younger as an act of rebellion.  Maybe this means my friends are boring...or maybe it means that 30 ain't no thing.

I can't see myself changing much about my life after I turn 30.  Earlier this year, I admit, I thought about a tattoo to mark the occasion.  Then I changed my mind and decided I would look at a new piece of jewelry.  Now, I'm thinking that celebrating another year of life with good friends, food and wine is all I really need to mark the big day.  Yes, I do feel a bit more pressure to maintain my current appearance, but other than that, I want to keep taking one day at a time, because, if anything, turning one year older helps you realize that life is too short to not enjoy.  

Also...these celebrities who turned or are turning 30 this year seem to be doing well, so 30 can't be all that bad!

Alicia Keys

Justin Timberlake

Sienna Miller

Goodbye twenties, bring it on 30!!!

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