24 November 2011

Countdown to: Cyber Monday!

Forget Black Friday...according to the New York Times, Cyber Monday is a better option for scoring the best deals this holiday season.  Personally, I love online shopping for its convenience, and even more so because sometimes I can't stand being in a crowd.  If I were to hit up a Black Friday sale, it would have to be for a really good deal on something I have been lusting after for a while, because the thought of dragging myself to a sale that hundreds of people would also go to is just stressful.

What about you?  Are you skipping Black Friday and going straight for the deals on Cyber Monday?  If you are, here are some of my favourite sites for shopping:

  • Ebates - if you haven't signed up for Ebates yet, you need to right this moment.  First of all it is free, second of all you get access to some pretty sweet promotional codes for extra discounts and last you get cash back - I repeat:  CASH BACK - for any purchase from a website you jump to from their website.  So on top of the great Cyber Monday deals, you'll be getting some extra cash in your pocket around Christmas time in the form of a cheque from Ebates.  Join now!

  • The Gap and Banana Republic- always are a go to for staple items for work and play.  When you sign up for Ebates , be sure to jump to either of these sites from there to get that cash back.

  • Nordstrom is a must for designer looks, as is Revolve Clothing for designer jeans.  Bonus:  Revolve has free shipping to Canada.

What am I lusting after this Cyber Monday??  New boots!  Finding a pair of flat fall boots to wear with jeans and tights and a pair of high heel boots for work is my mission.

Frye Veronica slouch boots

Cole Haan boots with lace up detail

Wishing you a Cyber Monday full of great deals!

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