27 November 2011

Jane Birkin's "Birkin" Bag

Remember a while back I was going on and on about the iconic Birkin bag from Hermes?  Well, after reading Glamour magazine's December issue, I've learned a little more about the bag's namesake, Jane Birkin, as well as how she carries the bag.

The story of how the bag is named after her is pretty interesting, but what is more shocking is how she treats her own Birkin bag.  To sum it up, she treats her Birkin kind of like how a 7th grader treats their backpack:

Horror!  You cannot even tell it is a Birkin!

I guess this is what happens when you are rich and famous and designers name great bags after you.  You treat $10,000 bags indispensably.  All I know is that if I ever got my hot little hands on a Birkin, I'd guard that thing with my life and keep it under lock and key!

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