3 November 2011

Holding on to Long Hair

Fergie sings "big girls don't cry" her aptly titled song called "Big Girls Don't Cry"... brilliant musician she is that one!  Big girls also come to a time when they realize they can't sport long, flowing locks forever, and Fergie's decision to cut her outgrown, overprocessed hair was spot on.

Now, I love long hair.  In fact, I am growing my hair out now and only let my hairstylist cut one little inch every time I see her because I'm obsessed with having long, pretty hair.  In my mind, I equate keeping my hair long with keeping my youth, but that can backfire if hair gets dry and brittle at the ends instead of shiny and bouncy like from a Pantene commercial.

So far I've been pretty lucky that my hair still has that bounce and shine, but I think that will only last for so long.  Sometimes the best decision is to chop a few inches off to get back that youthful, healthy look which is definitely the case with Fergie.

Fergie before haircut:

Bad roots, dried out ends.  Not cute or youthful looking at all.
Fergie after haircut:

Sleek, sexy and healthy!  She still looks like her fun, youthful self but with more enviable hair.

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