5 December 2011

Think Pink

Pink is one of my favourite colours, hands down.  I know that statement often makes people recoil because pink is such a "feminine" colour and being feminine is often associated with being weak.  We all know it's true, especially when we hear things like "oh, he runs like a girl" or other statements about women being the weaker sex.  I think being feminine is being strong.  We are made to give life, damnit.  There is nothing stronger than that!

Anyway...time to get off my soapbox and back on topic.  Wearing pink is an expression, just like wearing any other colour is.  A light shade represents a softer mood, a deep shade represents passion and lust, a bold shade represents fearlessness and vibrance.

I was inspired to write about pink after seeing Emily Blunt in this raspberry gown recently.  I think she looks amazing and it made me think, why do people put down the colour pink when it can look so good?

Emily Blunt in Notte by Marchesa.

Most definitely on my Christmas list:  Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch via Shop Bop

Carrie Bradshaw looking chic & sweet in pink trousers (from my Pinterest board called I Couldn't Help But Wonder...  )

Hello Kitty is a pink fan (pendant from Sanrio )

What girl wouldn't want these fabulous sequined magenta Louboutins in her shoe closet?

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