26 June 2011

Hermes Birkin - the "IT" bag of all "IT" bags

The Hermes Birkin bag has been around for 30 years, but continues to be the "IT" bag of all the "IT" bags out there.  No matter what any designer puts out for next season or any season going forward, the Birkin will continue to be the "you have arrived in the real fashion world" purchase for any purse lover, including me.  Yes, crazy as it sounds, I lust after this bag, even if it is a minimum $10,000 to purchase one.  There is something about this bag that is so classic but so fashion forward that I love.

Recently, the exclusivity of who can purchase a Birkin seems to have changed.  The rumour was that there was a 7 year wait to buy one, but it could be a shorter list if you knew the right people.  Now, it seems like every Kardashian owns one, not to mention the Hilary Duffs of the world see the Birkin as a tote to stuff all your crap in.

Kim Kardashian with one of her many Birkins
Hilary Duff.  This picture makes me angry, so no comment. (Ok one comment: Who the EFF treats a $10,000 bag like that??? ARGH!)

So perhaps the Birkin is not as exclusive as before, but I still dream about adding this bag to my collection.  My favourite is this cream coloured one with silver hardware, but truth be told, I would be one happy lady if I had one in every colour!

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