5 July 2011

The Duchess is Here - Day 6

Will and Kate's day in Yellowknife, was filled with education on the North, including watching ceremonial sports and dances, as well as receiving a gift of diamonds from one of the nearby diamond mines.  Lucky them!

They started the day with a floatplane ride, marking the first time we see Kate in jeans.  A very functional but still chic choice for the event.  

Later on she dropped the ball for a youth ball hockey game, but wasn't really dressed to take shots on the goal as Will did.  She wore a Marlene Birger cream linen dress, with sharp shoulders, again in a shade of cream.  Playing it safe is always great, but I hope that we see some more colour from her on the last stop of the tour in Calgary.  I'm getting a little bored of all the cream & navy!

Maybe she & Wills will sport their new team Canada jerseys to mix it up at little in the style department?

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