31 July 2011

When Bad Hair Cuts Happen to Good Looking Men

Normally I blog about women's fashion and issues, but I feel compelled today to talk about a serious subject regarding men.  More specifically when bad haircuts happen to otherwise good looking men.  Laugh if you want, but ladies, it only takes one person to start a trend that we may have to suffer through for months, even years.

Exhibit A:  Tom Brady

Once upon a time, Tom Brady looked like this:

Then, he married Gisele and suddenly they both agreed that the Bieber was a great style icon and why not copy the hairstyle of a 17 year old???

And it gets worse.  Somehow the Biebs haircut wasn't enough of a departure from the norm for Tom and before we knew it, our handsome, All American quarterback is wearing a ponytail.  The horror!!!

(At least he's still buff though.  Check out those arms.  Mmm!)

Exhibit B:  Ben Affleck

Even more shocking is that Ben Affleck, action movie star with a square jaw and broad shoulders that would have put the old Tom Brady to shame, is now sporting the same Biebs haircut that started Brady on the wrong path. See, it just takes one stupid guy in a stupid haircut phase to get them all off track!

We can only hope this haircut is for a new film and we will get our handsome movie star back again.  Maybe Tom Brady regain his sanity and cut his hair and life can get back to normal.  But for now, let's just pray that more men don't jump on the bad haircut bandwagon, or ladies we are in deep deep trouble.

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