10 July 2011

Goodbye Wills & Kate!!!

Will & Kate said goodbye to North America today, after a whirlwind 12 day trip.  Today in LA they attended a brunch, then visited an art centre on Skid Row, before boarding their flight home to England.

It was a very successful visit for them - everything seemed to go smoothly and they were a hit wherever they went.   Some say this trip has been a great boost of support the monarchy, but I'm not sure I agree.  The interest in Will & Kate has been less about their royal titles, and more it seems about the positive energy and sincerity they exude. Not to mention they are young, beautiful and well mannered.  I suppose we will see if people start to believe in the monarchy more.  For me, as you may have noticed, Kate's style is interesting to follow and I think she is a great role model for young people in general.  It's not really about her title or the fact that she might be Queen one day.  In my eyes, she's a celebrity and one of the few left with class, and that's why I enjoy keeping up with her.

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