11 July 2011

Unreality Shows

I will admit it, I watch the Bachelorette.  And I watch the Bachelor.  I don't know why.  Ok, I know exactly why:  the dating and relationship scenarios are so far from reality that I can't not watch!  It truly is like watching a soap opera.  First off, the people are generally beautiful.  Second, they are always in exotic locations.  Third (and most importantly) there is always some sort of drama, usually in the form of some devilish or she-devilish person who wants to ride to fame on the coattails of the franchise.

As I watched the show today, I started to wonder how successful my attempt at being a Bachelorette would be.  What if I had nothing but time to date potential suitors and decide between upwards of 20 men which guy I want to end up with?  Not to mention have someone else pay for extravagant dates in beautiful spots all over the world.  Add in the designer closet plus access to my own makeup artist and hairdresser, and it really sounds like the ideal way to find a man!

But sadly, there has been only one successfully married couple as a result of the show.  Kind of shocking, but when you think about it, it goes back to the "unreality" of the show.  The contestants are put in situations so far removed from real life that when they go back to their own lives, the adjustment doesn't always happen smoothly.  In fact, most of the time the couples crash and burn within the first few months after their engagement is revealed.

I guess there is no real magic way to find the one, you just have to have an open mind and be in the right place at the right time.  While I wait for my "the one", I'm going to go work on my audition tape for the Bachelorette!

(totally joking! LOL.)

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