27 March 2012

Mint Condition

Spring has definitely sprung around me.  The weather last weekend in Vancouver was fabulous and flip-flop worthy (thank goodness I did my toes!).  So much so that I actually had drinks on a patio with some of my girl friends.  Nothing better than that!

Despite the fact the rain has returned this work week, I'm still in a spring frame of mind.  I picked up some basics for the warmer weather the other day (white tee, light weight neutral cardi, striped tee), and now I'm tring to decide what my signature spring nail colour will be.  Normally I'm fairly conservative with my nail choices for my fingernails, but this year I feel like stepping outside my comfort zone.

Bright pink or coral shades are always nice on my skin tone in the spring/summer, but I've kind of been digging mint green lately:

Dior Vernis Scented Nail Laquer

Essie Turquoise & Caicos (from essie.com)

Mint green is a nice alternative to the "traditional" colors of spring and also suits my olive skin tone a bit better than blue, which is also a popular choice this spring.  I might invest in a bottle of something funkier than I normally would wear, or I might just stay the course with Essie Merino Cool which apparently still works for the spring.

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