1 March 2012

More Than Just a Pretty Face

When I was a girl in my 'tweens (before that term was even ever coined!), I was obsessed with the supermodels of that era, including Canadian supermodel Linda Evangelista.  She was known as "the chamelon" for her ever changing hair colour, not to mention her famous quote that models "don't wake up for less than $10,000 a day"(!).  Since her time, there really haven't been any Canadian models to make it BIG...that is until the talented, persistent Coco Rocha came along a few years ago.

Coco is one of the first models to really jump on the social networking train as it were, and she's done good!  Over 200k twitter followers, an awesome Tumblr page called "oh so Coco", and she's also on Facebook, Pinterest, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.  It's all helped her become an "insider" in the fashion world and now host of Canada's Best Beauty Talent. 

I think this is really cool...a hometown girl (she's also from a Vancouver suburb), who was discovered while dancing at an Irish dance competition (for real!) making something big out of what is normally a short career.  Not only is she expanding her horizons beyond modeling, she's also not afraid to speak out about the reality of the fashion industry.

Coco is a defintely woman we can admire for being more than just a pretty face...

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