19 March 2012

Put a Ring On It

First there was the male manicure, then manscaping, now "Man-gagement" rings are on the horizon.  Is this a fad?  A way for the jewerly industry to squeeze more dollars out of us (hello right hand rings!)?  A way for women to feel more empowered to be the proposer, not the propos-ee??

Truly I think to each their own, but in a lot of ways I'm a traditional girl when it comes to love & men.  A man should make the move to call you after your first date and to propose.  I can't ever see myself getting down on one knee (can you imagine the pressure! eek!) though I guess the mangagement ring could be purchased after a man proposes to a woman.  I have male friends that don't even wear their wedding rings because they don't like to wear any jewelry, so who knows if a mangagement ring would even be worn?

Ladies, if you are ok being the proposer, you won't be alone in this very brave act.  Women are slowly getting more comfortable with this idea, and a lot of men would have no issue being the one who gets proposed to.

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