27 July 2012


After a whirlwind few weeks, I am in relaxation mode.  Why?  Well today is my first day of vacation and I have two (yes two!) whole weeks away from work.  My company has a rule that you have to take half your vacation days at once, which at first thought seems kind of annoying, but really a a few days or even a week away from work is not enough time to truly wind down and re-energize yourself.

I'm planning to spend a week at home doing nothing, but first I'm headed to the beautiful Okanagan, to Osoyoos to be exact.  Osoyoos is the only desert in Canada and also part of BC's wine country, so I am looking forward to tasting some yummy wine as well as getting some much needed time in the sun.  I'll be documenting via Instagram so follow me on Twitter (@lady_n_charge) for updates!

Osoyoos at sunset (via Travel Writers Tales)

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