2 July 2012

Miss M Loves: Blue

Yesterday after getting to ride in the fire department's VW Bug with my fabulous friend SHR for the Canada Day parade, I decided to make a stop at Chapters on my way home.  I love book stores - I find them both calming and invigorating, if that's possible.  I could spend hours wandering through the aisles, thumbing through books that catch my eye and I'd never get bored.  So I was really looking forward to some time to expand my mind and maybe pick up a good book along the way.  This felt like a good way to spend my one hour of "me" time that I promised to give myself a few weeks back.

Well, instead of expanding my mind, I came upon a sale (my favourite 4 letter word!) and a pretty good one at that - 50% off a lot of their lifestyle, stationary and gift items.  I ended up picking up some adorable notebooks and a cute canvas nautical theme tote.  I didn't realize that everything I bought (including a book that I found about improving my diet) was in shade of blue until the cashier pointed it out.


I guess upon further thought, I am a huge fan of blue without even realizing it.  I love blue jeans, my favourite boat neck navy & white tee for the spring, midnight blue MAC shadow and blue nail polish (She's Picture Perfect by Essie is a fav right now).   Blue is a great alternative to boring old black or grey, and happens to be a calming colour.  So no wonder I love it so much!  

What I'm not a fan of when it comes to blue?  Blue hair, blue cheese and...naming your baby Blue (hello Jay-Z and Beyonce!).  

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