12 January 2012

Beauty Product Review: Sula Lip Gloss

I recently got a great lipgloss in my Glymm Beauty Box from a brand I've never heard of called Sula.  Generally I stick to tried and true Rosebud salve that I've been obsessed with for about 6 years.  I hate to have anything on my lips, mostly because lipstick always rubs off and I always have trouble with gloss because they are often too sticky.  Sounds gross, but my pet peeve is getting my hair stuck to my lips when I have gloss on.  

BUT, I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised about how much I like this Sula "First Kiss" lip gloss!  It is a perfect shade of pink - not too light that it looks like it belongs on a 11 year old, not too bold that it's that Barbie pink - plus it isn't sticky like other glosses.  I might have to track it down somewhere...so far I only see this brand on Glymm's website or through the recommendations on Sula's website.

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