7 January 2012

Mid Winter Blahs

After the buzz of the holiday season, I start to get a case of the mid-winter blahs, like many people do.  Parties are over, the shopping high I'm on goes down as I realize how much I shouldn't have spent, and there are no more public holidays to look forward to until Easter.

How to keep positive?  Well, refocusing on the things that really matter like friends and family is one way.  But how about new hobbies?  I'm starting Zumba classes next week and I'm hoping that it will be a really fun way to release some negative energy and get fit again.  Another way is enjoying the little things in life -a warm cup of tea on a cold day, a call from a friend you haven't caught up with in a while, a mini-victory at work or with your favourite sports team.

What I'm getting at is...beyond all the hype of the holidays, life is still good and I need to learn to appreciate my life more.  I have a wonderful and supportive (though sometimes annoying!) family, great friends who I can count on anytime and a stable paycheque...not to mention the ability to make some amazing choices in life like quit my job and go back to school, take a long European vacation, stay single and mingle every weekend if I wanted to.  I'm so luck to live the life I have, that I'm ashamed when I take it for granted, which I often do.

So, maybe I need to rethink my New Year's resolutions and just focus on appreciating what I have, cause it all comes down to one little statement...

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