8 January 2012

Fashion Websites: Refinery 29

As soon as I'm home from my "real" job and unwinding from the craziness that usually rules my day, I love visiting 3 or 4 (or 24...) different fashion sites/blogs to check out the latest style news, trend reports and beauty tips.  One of the sites I've discovered more recently is Refinery 29 and I'm so impressed with it so far.  It's very unique in the sense that it categorizes its stories by major cities like New York, LA and Miami, but also by topic like Beauty, Fashion and Shopping.  And if you weren't aware, I'm a mega type A personality, so anything that is neatly categorized, I'm instantly in love with.

Today their top stories range from finding a great parka, to celebrity baby news to how to find out what skin type you are.  I definitely recommend checking out Refinery 29!

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