13 January 2012

Age Appropriate

I know the below picture is from last year, but it seriously made me think, what is Madonna on?  I'm still young (yes, I think 30 is young...because it is!), but at some point I know I'm going to have to embrace the fact that there are certain looks you can't pull off like you used to.  That's just reality and if you ignore that, you will probably look silly.  I think you still should flaunt what you have, but there is a line and the other Miss M has definitely crossed it.

Dear Madonna:  Give. It. Up.  You are over 50 and it's time to stop dressing like you are 20.  Not that any 20 year old would actually dress like this.  Unless of course they are dressing up like you for Halloween.

Who does dress age appropriate?  Emma Stone.  How gorgeous is she in this Jason Wu gown??  It's still young and fresh with the fun print and cut outs, but it doesn't make it seem like's she's trying to hard.  Clearly, she's a woman comfortable in her skin and owns this look.   Madonna needs to take a few lessons from Emma (or her stylist!).

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