28 January 2012

Bag Lady

No I'm not referring to Erykah Badu's hit single "Bag Lady" from 12 years ago (yes, I am old enough to remember this song!  It was catchy!)...I'm talking about my obsession with handbags.  I used to be a total shoe gal, but that changed about 3 years ago when I realized that a) stilettos hurt like a bitch and b) I have enough shoes to wear a different pair every day for about 6 weeks.  It was time to move on and my feet  are much much happier.  My wallet?  Not so much as I quickly moved on to my next obsession: handbags.

I have a few designer ones that I really love (like my Marc by Marc Jacobs Francesca and Rebecca Minkoff MAB - Morning After Bag), but I also have some "lower end" designer bags like a great medium brown Esprit hobo, a kelly green Matt and Nat satchel and a white Coach bag with black accents - my favourite because it is so classic looking and doesn't have that obvious Coach look

I've already gone on in previous posts about Chanel and Hermes bags that I hope to own one day when I've "made it" (aka won the lottery), but I hope to also add these lovely ladies to my collection:

If I could have them all, I would be sooo happy!  But the pink one would be sweet - Balenciaga Moto bag.

Pretty red Valentino bow satchel

Classic everyday tote from Bottega Veneta

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