18 January 2012


Unlike JLo's style, I have a hate hate relationship with Vanessa Hudgen's style.  I hate that I hate her style so much...but I can't not hate her style.  Am I making any sense?

For ages, I haven't been able to pinpoint out why what this D-list star's (sorry, just being honest!) red carpet choices rub me the wrong way , but I think I have finally figured it out.  So many times she's on the edge of looking absolutely perfect, but her clothes are either ill-fitting, have too much embellishment or use strange (read: cheap) looking material. See evidence below.

Great colour, and even the fit is nice but what, I repeat WHAT, is that silver thing hanging off the front?

Same issue as above picture.
What is that weird stretch sparkly fabric across her mid-section?
Not flattering at all!

This just looks like she's wearing spiderwebs.
The slit in the dress is supposed to be sexy but does nothing for her when she's wearing those clunky shoes.
Strappy sandals would have been a much better choice.

Way too big for her small frame.  Shoulders are droopy and it is way too long.

But...but I have some hope!  Found this picture of her from a press tour today and she looks adorable, stylish and chic all in one.  I can only hope (for her sake) that it sticks...or that it is actually her and not some other random D-lister.


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